Recycling Committee Meeting Minutes – May 16, 2017



MAY 16, 2017

Joan and Johanna present at meeting on 5/ 16/2017, Tristam arrived late.

At 5:35, organizational questions: what time is best for us to meet, Tuesday afternoons seem to be best alternative at 4 or 5:30. Question is to meet weekly or every two weeks? 5:30 is a good time for us all we vote unanimously to meet every other week on Tuesday at 5:30 at the town offices.

Joan will facilitate meetings, but Johanna is chair. Johanna will take minutes.

Question for selectboard: are they looking for completion by July 1? Or just data being collected by July 1?

Reviewed minutes from April 11, 2017. Motion to approve minutes from Tristam, all vote to approve.

Another question: Can Shannon be asked to help us with finding details.

School: could work in some ways but need to talk to principal. Tristam says he can do this.

Our big questions:


Where? school, garage, here, or on someone else’s land, old dump land? Decided dump land no good and eliminated about 12 other pieces of Newfane land either because it was too close to the river, the road was too small for large trucks, or it was too far out in the boondocks. Through our discussions we came to agree that a central location is essential for making the bins practical for our voters, and not being located on a flood plain is crucial.

Who will research these possible locations? Tristam will look at Newfane School.

Joan will talk with Shannon about current location in Newfane and town garage


Johanna will write up RFIs and send out to Joan and Tristam for edits. Johanna will word it as if there are three potential sites, or IF you have a better site, please suggest.

Adjourn at 6:32. Next meeting is set for May 30, 5:30.