Selectboard Minutes 4.15.19

APRIL 15, 2019

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Marion Dowling, Christopher Williams, Michael Fitzpatrick, Shelly Huber, Angela Sanborn

OTHERS PRESENT: Jay Wilson, Wannetta Powling,
The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Marion Dowling, Chair

Clean up at Williamsville Hall – under old business traffic calming Dover road
Minutes from the April 1st meeting were reviewed and a motion to accept was made by Michael Fitzpatrick 2nd by Christopher Williams
1- opposed 1- abstained Marion Dowling approved.

Road Foreman’s and Road Commissioner’s
Follow Up Excavator Bids
Bids were discussed, possibility of leasing the machine for 1 year and then go to town with an article for purchase at town meeting. Lease money would apply toward purchase. Two of our existing loans will be paid off in Jan. & Feb.2020 Jay is looking at 2018, that has everything we are looking for and nothing has changed.
Michael Fitzpatrick made a motion to consider the lease of the 2018 Caterpillar for 1 year only for $30,000.00, And then go back to the town with an Article for purchase. Municipal equipment fund rate is the same rate is bank. Angela Sanborn 2nd The motion carried unanimously.

Sign Annual Highway Audit.

Christopher Williams made motion to sign Annual Highway Audit Michael Fitzpatrick 2nd The motion carried unanimously.
Sealed Roadside Mowing Bids
Only 1 Bid was received from Jake Beattie April 9th $ 9,200.00
Christopher Williams made motion to accept Jake Beattie Roadside Mowing Bids Michael Fitzpatrick 2nd The motion carried unanimously.
Sander Bid – none received Shelly made motion to use Craig’s list Michael Fitzpatrick 2nd for $900 BO The motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Angela Sanborn and seconded by Michael Fitzpatrick to accept the reports. The motion carried unanimously.


A motion was made by Angela Sanborn and seconded by Michael Fitzpatrick to accept the reports.
The motion carried
A motion to look at upgrading the camera system, and also to speak with Ed Druke at W.W. about their plans for future security cameras.


Green Up May 4th Laura Bacon & Gloria Cristelli, captains for roads signage for cautions Green up Ahead. Tri Pods Town owns / Than Buy the Inserts. For Green Up Ahead. Bags are MKT. Valley Lion eco scavenger hunt in co-op Townshend Town Common. Picnic from 11-2pm prizes awarded present to win.
Legal representation, for the town. Discussion ensued, Larry Slycer Westminster. Act 46 articles in the news. Solar Power Field not for educational use.
Motion to research open up the letters to 4-5 attorneys Robert Fisher & Fisher, Robin Stern, Larry Slycer, Michael Fitzpatrick seconded by Shelly Huber The motion carried unanimously.

Spring Cleanup- outside area Check with Mark Gray prior to Dog Show.
Clean up at Williamsville hall
Traffic Calming Dover road

SeVEDS BCRC (Brattleboro Development Credit Corp) May 23rd 3rd annual Southern VT Economy Summit

A motion was made by Angela Sanborn and seconded Michael Fitzpatrick to approve pay orders as follows: The motion carried unanimously.

• Accounts Payable Warrant No. 1922 in the amount of $5.25
• Payroll Warrant No. 113992 in the amount of $4,426.76
• Payroll Warrant No. 113931 in the amount of $3,994.58
• Accounts Payable Warrant No. 1923 in the amount of $55,541.92

Motion to adjourned was made by Michael Fitzpatrick Seconded by Angela Sanborn The meeting adjourned at.8:06pm

Respectfully Submitted,
Wannetta Powling

April 15, 2019

1. After contacting the Dam Inspectors and VTRANS neither has any grant money for the Kenny Pond spillway stabilization.

2. Windham Regional has scheduled our road erosion inventory for this summer.

3. The garage doors at the town garage have had some repairs and maintenance done on them.

4. The meeting with our Sand/Salt Shed Project Manager from Windham Regional and the VTRANS rep. went well.

5. Mud season is still slowly running its course, some roads and drying out while others are just starting to get some mud.

Thank You,

Jay Wilson Road Foreman
Christopher Williams Road Commissioner

April 15, 2019
DAILY : I am still receiving the overweight permits and processing those as soon as I receive them.
I have Inspected the Williamsville Hall twice after rentals and returned the security deposits. I have also spoken with Racine Cleaning of Marlboro, about cleaning the Town Hall while Diane is out on Medical Leave, as well as the possibility of taking up the Williamsville Hall responsibilities. Waiting to confer with Steven and the committee and their thoughts & progress that they may have made securing a cleaning service. Racine’s are available to do both if needed.
DUMPING OF TRASH: There has been trash dumped on the Town Hall – Trooper Jensen from the VT State Troopers is investigating. He will be getting back to me when he has completed his investigation.
Upon reviewing the security camera footage we were not able to identify the license plate of the car. I would like to propose getting some other cameras set up at lower angles that would better identify the activity in the parking lot. We could perhaps expand upon the system we already have.

MEETINGS: VTRANS was in on Friday the 5th for the Annual Highway Audit. We have met the necessary guide lines to be eligible to apply for highway grants if needed.
On the 5th of April I submitted a request for reimbursement from River Road Bridge for $175,000. We should be receiving that in the next 2-3 weeks. The Town had already paid for the work done, but had not requested this reimbursement until the Audit was done and we were not aware that it was incomplete.

REMINDER: Today is the 60th day on the job. There is always something new to learn which I enjoy greatly.

Respectfully Submitted,
Wannetta Powling