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Scammer Alert from the Town Clerk

Tuesday 3 September, 2019

Apparently a scammer is contacting people in the area and saying that they did not renew their car registration with the Town and pay the $3 fee.

The only time people pay a $3.00 car registration fee to the Town is if they bring their car registration renewal notice from the State to the town office to have the town clerk give them a temporary registration and send their renewal in for them.

The Town will never contact people to require a $3 fee for a car registration.

Carol Hesselbach, Town Clerk
802-365-7772 Ext. 0

Adopted Town Plan: July 16, 2018

This Draft Town Plan Update / Re-adoption is built on the foundation laid by the hard work and expertise of the many Planning Commissioners that have preceded us.

We, the 2018 Newfane Planning Commissioners appreciate the opportunity to serve the current and future people of Newfane Vermont.

April 2018
Lynn Forrest, Chair
Marcia Hylan, Secretary
Bob McCandless, Past Secretary
Angela Litchfield Sanborn
Ken Estey

Adopted Town Plan 2018-07-16

Town of Newfane Board of Abatement Minutes: August 22, 2019

Town of Newfane Board of Abatement Minutes: August 22, 2019

Attending: Priscilla Cotton, Carol Hesselbach, Gloria Cristelli, Abigail Dillon, Steve Levine, Doris Knechtel, Frank Suponski, Dennis Wiswall, and Melissa Brown.

The hearing was called to order at 7:00 PM by the Chair, Priscilla Cotton, Abatement Request by Frank Mercedes on behalf of NGM Realty, LLC for property at 94 River Road.
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