Bank Reconciliations Job Search July 9, 2020

The Town Of Newfane is looking for someone who is qualified to do bank reconciliations once a
Melissa Brown, Town Treasurer, will train the person to do the job.
The flat remuneration for this work is $50.00 a month. The important part of the job is that it
must be done in a timely manner and be completed on time each month. Must have strong
math skills and knowledge of how to balance bank accounts.
Please have a resume to bring to an interview with the Selectboard.
More details about the job are listed below:
The bank reconciliation statement is a summary of banking and business activity that
reconciles the town’s bank account with its financial records. The statement outlines the
deposits, withdrawals and other activities affecting a bank account for a specific period.
This reconciliation needs to be done monthly. It is very important to reconcile the
account as soon as possible once the bank statement is received.
To reconcile the account you must:
1. Compare the deposits – Match the deposits in the Town records with those in the bank
2. Compare the expenses – Match the expenses in the Town records with those in the
bank statement
3. Print out four reports.
4. Fill out summary sheet for bank reconciliation
5. Compare the balances
6. Explain why there is a difference if there is one.

For more information please contact:

Wannetta Powling  Newfane Selectboard Administrative Assistant / Human Resources

802-365-7772 Ext. #4