Board of Civil Authority Meeting Minutes: September 19, 2017

Present: Priscilla Cotton, Carol Hesselbach, Bob Crego, Mary Ann Clarkson
Priscilla Cotton, chair, called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Granger Appeal. 47 Back Street
It was moved and seconded that Bob read the report from the Granger Inspection Team.
Bob read the report that indicated the team felt everything was fairly assessed except for the office building. They felt it should be valued as part of the house, not as a separate entity. Discussion ensued.

Carol moved that we go into deliberative session to make a determination. Seconded by Mary Ann.

The meeting reconvened and Mary Ann left as she could not take part in the discussion and vote on the Schneider appeal nor the McMonagle appeal.

Joel Schneider Appeal. 37 Deer Hill Road
It was moved and seconded that Bob read the Schneider report.
Bob read the report. The team felt that the value needed to be reduced.
Carol moved that we move into deliberative session. Bob seconded.

The hearing reconvened.
It was moved that Priscilla read the McMonagle report by the Inspection Team.

McMonagle Appeal. 704 Dover Road
Priscilla read the report. The team was impressed by the property and felt that it was properly assessed.
Carol moved that we go into deliberative session. Seconded.
The hearing reconvened.

Discussion regarding a site visit for the O’Connor appeal. Decision made to try to inspect the property on 9/25.
Bob made a motion that the meeting of the BCA be recessed to 9/28 for the O’Connor report. Motion seconded. Unanimous agreement.

Respectfully submitted by,

Carol Hesselbach
Recording Clerk of the BCA