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Planning Commission Regular Meeting Agenda: March 14, 2017

Date: March 14, 2017
Time: 6:00 PM
Place: Newfane Town Office, 555 Vermont Route 30, Newfane, Vermont

Call to order (Approx. 6:00 PM)

Review and approve minutes of last meeting

Old Business (Approx 6:10 PM)

  1. Introduction of new candidate for Planning Commission: Todd Fahey
  2. Discuss particulars of the Dec 13th Public Hearing.

New Business

  1. Discuss presenting the amendment to the Town Plan to the Windham Regional Commission for approval.
  2. Discuss getting the community involved in Village Center Designation application process..
  3. Discuss having the residents of Brookside Village in Newfane come to a meeting to speak about Brookside Village.

Adjournment (Approx. 7:00 PM)

Note: Regular Planning Commission meetings are held at Newfane Town Office on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 6:00 PM.All interested parties are most welcome to attend.

Posting locations:
Newfane Town Offices
Williamsville Post Office
WW Building Supply
Newfane Market
Town of Newfane web site:

Town Plan Hearing Notice – February 6, 2017

Town of Newfane, Vermont

Notice of Public Hearing

Newfane Town Plan

Pursuant to the provisions of Title 24, Sections 4385 and 4444, Vermont Statutes Annotated, the Selectboard of the Town of Newfane will hold a public hearing on Monday, the 6th day of February, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at the Newfane Town Office at 555 VT Rte. 30, Newfane, VT, to consider adopting the Town of Newfane Town Plan, as amended.

The purpose of the proposed amendments is to update the Town Plan to include language in support of Village Center Designation.

Copies of the amendment are available for public review at the Newfane Town Offices.

Persons wishing to comment on the amendment may do so in writing to the Selectboard prior to the meeting or by appearing in person.

Dated at Town of Newfane, Windham County, State of Vermont, this 21st day of December, 2016.