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Landfill Solar Information from the Green Lantern Solar Team

Customers throughout GMP territory may now order wattage in the planned 150kW Newfane Browns Road (landfill) Community Solar Array.

Please contact Ralph Meima (802 380-1029) if you are interested, or visit our Community Solar Array inquiries web page at . The web page includes a calculator where you can model various purchase scenarios. Remember to hit “Calculate” to generate scenarios, and hit “Submit” when you have an order scenario (along with your contact information) that you would like us to review and get in touch with you to explore.

Community Solar is a great way to enjoy the energy benefits, tax incentives, and net metering credits of solar without having to accommodate an array on/in your own house or yard.

We received our Certificate of Public Good several weeks ago and expect to build the array during the coming summer. Inquiries and orders have risen steadily over the past several weeks, and now is the time to research the benefits of Community Solar, evaluate our offer, and make your Newfane Browns Road commitment if you have not yet done so.

All the best from the Green Lantern Solar Team!

2018 Newfane Town Meeting Election Results

Position  Name Total
Deborah Luskin 170
Danielle LaCroix 1
Kim Friedman 1
Melissa Brown 2
Town Clerk
Carol Hesselbach 180
Gloria Cristelli 1
Treasurer/Tax Collector
Melissa Brown 183
James Russell 1
Selectman 3-years
Marion Dowling 166
Mark 1
Todd Lawley 1
Selectman 1-year (vote 2)
Shelly Huber 157
Chris Williams 134
Greg Record 2
Ken Estey 1
Rick Rickard 1
Lynn Bedell 1
Lynn Forrest 1
Delinquent Tax Collector
Samantha Wilson 177
Melissa Brown 2
Lister 3-year
Doris Knechtel 27
Robert Powers 14
Lorena Cuevas 1
Bob Litchfield 1
William Hamm 1
Town Agent
Ken Estey 2
Rick Rickards 2
Mike Fitzpatrick 1
Tom Russell 1
Archer Mayor 4
David Hamm 1
David Hull 1
Richard Foye 1
Bob Lyons 1
Larry Robinson 1
Bill Th 1
Craig Friend 1
Greg Record 1
Town of Newfane, Vermont, Town School District: March 6, 2018
Position  Name Total
Moderator 1-year
Deborah Luskin 167
Kim Friedman 1
School Director 3-year
Lindsey Bertram 4
Ken McFadden 1
Michael 1
Chris Druke 1
School Treasurer
Melissa Brown 7
Linda Decker 1
Samantha Wilson 1
Leland & Gray for 3 years
Emily Long 160
Kim Friedman 1
Dale Stevens 1
Pat Flynn 1
 Leland & Gray 2 yr of 3 yr term
Lindsey Bertram 1
Todd Lawley 1
Maggie Bills 1
Unified School Director 4-year term
Lindsey Bertram 17
Al Clausen 1
Maggie Bills 1
Marion Dowley 1
Brenda Siegel 1
Emily Long 2

2018 Open Enrollment Announcement for Social Media

Do you need health insurance? Vermont Health Connect’s Open Enrollment period runs November 1 through December 15, 2017—and if you don’t have health insurance, or would like to make a change to your existing health plan, Open Enrollment is the time to do it. Depending on your income, you may also qualify for significant reductions to your health insurance premiums and/or out-of-pocket costs, meaning that you can sign up for great health care that won’t break the bank. Not sure what plan is best for you? Try the Plan Comparison Tool, available at: There are three ways to enroll: visit

Vermont Health Connect online at, call them at 855-899-9600, or visit an in-person assister.

Just be sure to confirm your plan before December 15!