Newfane Conservation Committee Meeting Minutes: October 17, 2019

Meeting 10/17/2019
Newfane Town Office, 6 PM

Present: Greg Record-Chair, Carol Hesselbach, George Friend, Jeff Mortimer, Deborah Luskin, Sam Farwell

Deborah Luskin and Sam Farwell were with us to present the plans of the Green Mountain Conservancy to establish the Deer Run Nature Preserve. They will be closing on a parcel in Dummerston soon and then establishing a conservation easement and putting the land into current use. The land abuts a large parcel owned by the Mercedes family in Newfane and Brookline. They are in negotiations to purchase that parcel and conserve it as well. Reviewed maps of area and discussed trails and plans to allow hunting, hiking, but probably not motorized vehicles. They came to request a letter of support for their grant requests. Greg Record asked them to send him a proposed form letter and we will discuss that.

Approval of Minutes: Minutes for 3/1/2019 were approved with one correction of name.

Other business: Jeff Mortimer discussed asking WW for unused paint to remark the trails in the Town Forest. George Friend will ask them. We should use white, blue and yellow. Jeff and Michelle did some trailwork when walking the trails.

Discussion of status of regional connectivity group. Greg Record went to a few meetings. Last was in April. No recent information.

Jeff made a motion to adjourn. Seconded by George. Meeting was adjourned at 7:24 PM.

Submitted by Carol Hesselbach, Secretary.