DRB May 5, 2022, Organizational Meeting Minutes



David Cotton (Chair), Piet van Loon (Vice-Chair), Walt Dadik, member, Lynn Forrest, member, David Lucido, member, Erica Walch (Secretary and alternate member), Merle Tessier (Newfane Zoning Administrator), Wanette Pawling (Newfane Admin Asst to Selectboard), Melissa Brown (Newfane Treasurer)


The Chair opened the meeting at 12:00 PM.

The board discussed some changes to the DRB application drafted by van Loon and Walch. Board asked Walch to incorporate additional changes and share them at the next meeting.

Walter Dadik shared the following from VLCT about terminology and process:

If a public hearing is going on for a while or not all interested parties have had a chance to speak or there’s a power loss or something, the DRB can move to recess. Before the recess is called, the DRB must stipulate where and when the hearing will resume. This recess resumption is part of the same hearing – in other words, the hearing is still open.

At the point in a public hearing when the DRB believes it has all the information needed to make a decision, the DRB moves to close the hearing and go into a deliberative session.

During the deliberative session, the DRB considers the testimony presented by the applicant and other interested parties and reviews the Zoning Bylaw. Deliberation may require more than one meeting of the board. When deliberations have concluded, the DRB moves to end deliberations and vote on the application.

The DRB has 45 days from the close of the hearing (not from the end of deliberations) to issue and publish its decision.

The group set Friday, May 20, 2022, at noon for the next meeting to review the DRB application revisions

Forrest made a motion to close the meeting. It was seconded by Lucido. The meeting ended at 12:30 PM.