Newfane Planning Commission Meeting Minutes – March 10, 2014

Newfane Planning Commission

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Location: Newfane Town Hall                                       

Meeting Date: March 10, 2014


Attendees:             Ed Druke, George Friend, Tristam Johnson, Merle Tessier, Pat Weisbrich

Absent:                    None

DRB Attendees:     Merle Tessier

Zoning Admin.:       None

Selectboard:           Gloria Cristelli, Christine Druke, Gary Katz

WRC:                        Chris Campany, Jodi French, Piet van Lood

Public attendees:  None

Discussion Items and Actions

  1. Meeting called to order: 7:05 p.m. Attendees as noted above.
  2. Review and Approve Minutes:
    1. No minutes were available for review. Review will take place at the next meeting.
  3. Review Agenda: It was suggested we jump directly to New Businessso as not to keepSelectboard and WRC representatives any longer than necessary. All agreed to this change of format.
  4. New Business
    1. Meeting with the Selectboard and representatives from Windham Regional Commission (WRC).

¨       Tristam explained the rationale for calling a joint meeting with the Selectboard and the WRC.

¨       Currently, the Town of Newfane has a fully adopted and certified Town Plan that is registered with the State of Vermont. However, to obtain block grants, enhancement grants and have access to a variety of state and federal programs, the Newfane Town Plan has to received WRC approval.

¨       The Town Plan was submitted to WRC for approval. It was noted that many errors and omissions were In the plan and as such, the WRC would. at this point, recommend to reject the Town Plan. Chris Campany referenced table on p.19 that had no information contained within it. He pointed out there were many errors such as this, thus making the adopted Town Plan unacceptable to the WRC. Upon comparing copies of Town Plans that were in the possession of various Planning Commission members, it was determined that an unfinished version of the Town Plan had been sent to the WRC in error by the Newfane Town Clerk. It was decided that the updated version of the Town Plan that was adopted by the electorate of the Town of Newfane would be sent to WRC for review.

¨       In a previous Selectboard meeting, the question was asked regarding how the Planning Commission would advise the Selectboard in a vote to continue going forward with the approval process of the Town Plan with the WRC or to withdraw the Plan until further changes can be made.

¨       Following the dismissal of the Selectboard and the WRC with thanks for attending, a motion was made to ask the Selectboard to officially finalize the adopted version of the Town Plan, by doing the following:

  1. Sign and date adopted Town Plan
  2. Post adopted Town Plan on the town website
  3. Make copies of the adopted Town Plan available for viewing.

Motion Approved

  1. Confirm Planning Commission Members

¨       Pat and Ed will continue on the Planning Commission

¨       Tristam and George will continue on the Commission until the completion of the Zoning By-Law approval process

¨       Merle is undecided

  1. Election of Officers

¨       Pat – Secretary

¨       George  – Archivist

  1. Old Business
  1. Set new hearing date for public comments on draft By-Laws

¨       No date was set pending finalization of the mailing packet of the revised By-Laws, cover letter, Table of Contents and maps

  1. Define and assign responsibilities for producing the By-Law summary.

¨       Tristam – Cover letter with description of revision process; copies of maps;  summary page

¨       Revised By-Laws will be sent to Staples for printing and will include appropriate maps

¨       Pat – Mail merge cover letter and prepare mailing envelopes

¨       Ed – Posting of new public hearing date

  1. Next meeting:       Monday, March 24, 2014, 7:00pm, NewfaneTown Hall.
  2. Adjournment:  A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:43 p.m.  Motion approved

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Weisbrich

Patricia H. Weisbrich