Planning Commission Meeting Minutes: February 11, 2013

Meeting Date: February 11, 2013                                            Meeting Time:  7:00pm


Convene Meeting at 7:03pm

Attendees: Ed Druke, George Friend, Tristan Johnson, Merle Tessier

DRB Attendees: None

Zoning Admin.: Merle Tessier

Public attendees:  None

Discussion Items and actions 

  • Review Minutes:  Motion to accept minutes from previous meeting.  Unanimously supported.
  • Comments from Public: None
  • Assignments/Acceptance of Duties/Obligations:
  1. 1.      Ed Druke will post physical notices in town between Feb. 12 and Feb. 23.
  2. 2.      Tristam will handle Newspaper posting on Wednesday Feb. 13th.
  • Town Plan: Notification of March 25th hearing handled as noted above.  All return receipt notices as required have been received.
    • Zoning Administrator Business:  None
    • Select Board Business:
  1. 1.        Motion by T. Johnson to recommend to select board that Merle Tessier be appointed as Zoning Administrator.
  2. 2.      Discussion and vote on above motion by G. Friend, Second by E. Druke.  M. Tessier recluse himself.
  3. 3.      Motion Unanimously Approved.
  • Other Business:

Daniel Torrey resignation from PC will be communicated to Select board by T. Johnson.

Adjournment:  Motion by T. Johnson to Adjourn Meeting at 7:30, Second by M. Tessier.  Unanimously supported.