Planning Commission Meeting Minutes: January 14, 2013

Meeting Date: January 14, 2013                                            Meeting Time:  7:00pm


Convene Meeting at 7:02pm

Attendees: Ed Druke, George Friend, Tristan Johnson, Daniel Torrey

DRB Attendees: None

Zoning Admin.: NA

Public attendees:  None

Discussion Items and actions 

  • Review Minutes:  Motion to accept minutes from previous meeting.  Unanimously supported.
  • Comments from Public: None
  • Assignments/Acceptance of Duties/Obligations:
  1. 1.      G. Friend will handle mailing Draft of Town Plan to Surrounding Towns, by end of week.
  2. 2.      E. Druke will handle Newspaper and Local postings.  To be done between Feb. 5th  and Feb. 25th.
  3. 3.      Draft copies are complete and they look great.  Copies will be made available to the public at Town Hall.  Thanks Tristan.
  • Town Plan: Final copy of Draft is completed and agreed to by Commission members.
    • Zoning Administrator Business:  None
    • Select Board Business:  None
    • Other Business:
  1. Daniel Torrey resigns from PC. Thanked for his service
  2. 2.      Tristam will discuss Appointment of Zoning Administrator, specifically T.24 4448a, with the Selectboard.
  3. 3.      Next Meeting Feb.11 @ 7:00pm.  Ed will post cancellation of Jan. 28th meeting.

Adjournment:  Motion by T. Johnson  to Adjourn Meeting at 7:35, Second by E. Druke.  Unanimously supported.