Planning Commission Meeting Minutes: March 25, 2013

Meeting Date: March 25, 2013                                            Meeting Time:  7:00pm


Convene Meeting at 7:05pm

Attendees: George Friend, Tristan Johnson, Merle Tessier

DRB Attendees: None

Zoning Admin.: Merle Tessier

Public attendees:  None

Discussion Items and actions 

  • Review Minutes:  Motion T. Johnson to accept minutes from March 11th meeting.  Second by M. Tessier.  Unanimously supported.
  • Motion to postpone Public Hearing for Town Plan until members of public arrive or 7:30pm. Unanimously supported.
  • Zoning By-Laws:
  1. Work progressed with review of changes to current town By-Laws.  Reviewed changes for Articles 2 & 3.
  2. M Tessier will try to get National Flood Insurance Program Map that can be easily included into By-law revision.
  3. Revisions to Article 2 & 3 completed.
  • Motion to Close PC Meeting @ 7:30.  Unanimously supported.
  • Motion to begin Public Hearing on proposed Town Plan Revisions.  Unanimously supported.
  1. 1.      Comments from Public: None Present
  2. 2.      Discussion of Town Plan:  None
  3. 3.      Motion to submit Town Plan “Draft” as printed to select board, as written, by T Johnson.  Second by M. Tessier.  Unanimously supported.
  • Motion to Close Public Hearing @ 7:45pm.  Unanimously supported.
    • Zoning Administrator Business:  None
    • Select Board Business:  None
    • Other Business:  None

Adjournment:  Motion by T. Johnson to Adjourn Meeting at 7:50pm, Second G. Friend.  Unanimously supported.