Planning Commission Meeting Minutes: May 31, 2012

Meeting Date: May 31, 2012                                           Meeting Time:  7:00pm


Convene Meeting at 7:00pm

Attendees: Ed Druke, George Friend, Tristan Johnson, Merle Tessier

DRB Attendees: Peter VanLoon

Zoning Admin.: Not present

Public attendees:  Peter VanLoon

Discussion Items and actions 

  • Review Minutes:  Motion to further edit Minutes from April 23.  The minutes should be edited as follows:  “Motion to relinquish supervisory role of Planning Commission over the Zoning Administrator and returned to DRB.  The motion was carried in a 4-1 vote.  E. Druke voted against.”

Motion to edit as above stated by G. Friend &Second by E. Druke.    Unanimously carried.

Review Agenda:  Agenda accepted and carried unanimously

  • Comments from Public: DRB Member P. VanLoon informed Commission of DRB Hearing scheduled for Monday June 11 Re: Adams Hill Quarry and a request to continue processing material.  Some members of PC plan to attend.
  • Town Plan:  Discussion concerning updating data in plan.  Future meetings will focus on work sessions, until a product is completed.

Began work of reviewing and editing (updating) the Plan.  Pages 1-15 worked on.

  • Town By-Laws: On hold
    • Zoning Administrator Business:

   1.  Advertisement for interim ZA has been placed in paper for the past 2 weekends.  Cost of ad was $450.00.  No responses yet.

   2.  T. Johnson will seek clarification response, in writing, about PC role in ZA supervision.  Expect that PC has no role in ZA Supervision.

  • Select Board Business:  None
  • Other Business:  T. Johnson was contacted by Adam regarding wildlife corridor.  We will invite him when we review natural resources in the Town plan
  • Next meeting June 11 @ 7:00pm

Adjournment:  Adjourn Meeting at 8:15.