Planning Commission Meeting Minutes: September 12, 2011

Meeting Date: September 12, 2011                                            Meeting Time:  7:00pm


Convene Meeting at 7:02pm

Attendees: Ed Druke, Merle Tessier, George Friend, Tristan Johnson

Public attendees:  Bill Morse, Daniel Torrey

Discussion Items and actions 

  • Review Minutes:  Motion to accept minutes from previous meeting by M. Tessier, Second by E. Druke.  Unanimously supported.
  • Comments from Public: Daniel Torrey expressed interest in re-joining the planning commission.  B. Morse had some questions of D Torrey regarding his interest in returning to the Commission.
  • Assignments/Acceptance of Duties/Obligations:
  1. 1.      Motion by E. Druke to consider a candidate for Planning Commission seat.  Second by M. Tessier. Approved 4-0.
  2. 2.      Motion by E. Druke to appoint D. Torrey to seat.  Second by M. Tessier.  Approved 4-0.
  3. 3.      T. Johnson will petition Select board about the above appointment.
  • Town Plan:  No new action.
  • Town By-Laws:  Reviewed Article 3 and documented areas where changes might be made.
  1. 1.      Revisions:  Several suggested changes from Board members and Public.  No changes made yet, only suggestions.  Review has not yet been completed for Sections of Article 3.  Member of Public, B. Morse, expressed strong concerns that the Village Districts should be expanded.
  2. Progress to Date:  Articles 1 and 2 have been reviewed and changes to these Articles are pending.  Continue review of Article 3, when all maps are available.
  3. Next Meeting:  Continue with review of Article 3.
  • Zoning Administrator Business:  Tristam will contact Katie Robinson regarding how long she may be absent from her position and discuss whether a temporary replacement should be sought.
  • Select Board Business:  G. Friend will seek out a definition or standard regarding “burdens on roads”.   
  • Other Business:
  1. 1.      D. Torrey will seek out an editable version of the By-Laws.
  2. 2.      Next meeting September 26th.

Adjournment:  Motion by G. Friend to Adjourn Meeting at 8:45, Second by E. Druke.  Unanimously supported.