Planning Commission Meeting Minutes: September 26, 2011

Meeting Date: September 26, 2011                                            Meeting Time:  7:00pm


Convene Meeting at 7:00pm

Attendees: Ed Druke, Merle Tessier, George Friend, Tristan Johnson, Daniel Torrey

Public attendees:  Bill Morse, Katie Robinson

Discussion Items and actions

  • Review Minutes:  Motion to accept minutes from previous meeting by E. Druke.  Second by M. Tessier.  Unanimously supported.
  • Comments from Public: None
  • Assignments/Acceptance of Duties/Obligations:
  1. 1.      K. Robinson will be returning to normal position responsibilities.  She will notify T. Johnson if anything should change.
  2. 2.      T Johnson will contact D. Cotton re: changes to by-laws and some concerns about DRB authority.
  • Town Plan:  No new action.
  • Town By-Laws:  Reviewed Article 3.
  1. 1.      Revisions:  No new suggested changes
  2. Progress to Date:  Articles 1 and 2 have been reviewed and changes to these Articles are pending.  Continue review of Article 3.
  3. Maps of Districts:  provided to all members for review
  4. Next Meeting:  Continue with review of Article 3.
  • Zoning Administrator Business:  Some discussion about a recent Music Festival and whether zoning should include language regarding such activity.  Also, discussed a wood shed that was permitted, but did not adhere to current set-back requirements.
  • Select Board Business:  None
  • Other Business:
  1. 1.      D. Torrey has been appointed a seat on the Commission.
  2. 2.      Next meeting Tuesday October 11, 2011.  E. Druke will post.

Adjournment:  Motion by M. Tessier to Adjourn Meeting at 8:50, Second by D.Torrey.  Unanimously supported.