Monday January 4th, 2020 Selectboard Minutes



Marion Dowling, Mike Fitzpatrick, Shelly Huber, Christopher Williams and Angela Sanborn


Jay Wilson, Melissa Brown, Ken Estey, Dan Dewalt, Kate Gering, Margaret Sterns, Deborah Luskin, Jane Douglas, Galen -BCTV and Wannetta Powling

CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chair Marion Dowling.


MINUTES: December 21st, 2020 Regular meeting, Ms. Sanborn made a motion to accept the minutes. Ms. Huber seconded. Motion passed. 4/1 Mr. Williams abstained.


  1. The town experienced huge amounts of rain and melting snow in the Christmas Day storm and we had damage on many roads. We reviewed the damage with VTRANS and have qualified for an emergency grant; they will cover 90% of the repairs. We are doing as many of the emergency repairs as we can now and the rest will be fixed in the spring.
  2. The Depot Rd Culvert update: We are still waiting on the foreclosure sale to happen on the 19th of January
  3. The Newfane village speed committee had to reschedule the Zoom meeting for the Traffic Safety Audit that has been completed for Newfane Village. The garage had no internet that day.
  4. The Sand/Salt shed update: Bell Engineering is now working on the next phase of the plans and he has staked out the building.
  5. The Arch Bridge did not go out to bid as planned and has been delayed until June ’21 to be put out to bid with work happening summer of 2022.

Mr. Williams wanted the Board to be aware that he had given Mr. Wilson permission to take time off, after being informed that Jay’s mother had passed.  On behalf of the entire Selectboard, the chair extends sincere condolences for the Wilson Family for their loss. Other members also express their sympathy.

The Selectboard acknowledges him for his dedication while enduring person tragedy.

Mr. Fitzpatrick Recused himself from the following order of business

  1. Sealed Bids for Adams Hill Repair – 2 Bids were received and opened by the chair.
    1.   A. S. Clark & Sons submitted a bid of $16,980.00 with proof of Insurance.
    2.   Fitzpatrick Excavating submitted a bid of $10,500.00 (insurance of file.)

Further clarification was provided by Mr. Wilson that all the work needing to be completed by Friday January 8th, 2021.  This would allow access for fuel trucks and emergency equipment.

Ms. Sanborn made a motion to award the bid to A. S. Clark & Son.

(There was no Second)  Motion Failed.

Ms. Huber made a motion to award the bid to Fitzpatrick Excavating for the being the lowest bidder.  Ms. Dowling Second.

There was further discussion regarding the incomplete work on the Dover Rd.  Mr. Fitzpatrick confirmed that there were still guardrails that needed to be reinstalled along a small section of the road.

Vote was called for 4/1 (Mr. Fitzpatrick Recused himself.)

Motion Passed.


  1. A reminder for those committee members’ that have not sent me your reports, please do so ASAP.
  2. Scheduled from tonight thru September the login for Selectboard meetings will be the same. This is found at the top of each agenda that is / will be posted.
  3. I should receive the 2021 Diesel Tax Exempt from State of VT / VTrans. They are creating a different approach for municipalities to login for these certifications renewals.
  4. I ‘am using word to create a ballot for voting on the Articles for Town Meeting. You have a DRAFT as to what they could look like.  Carol has informed me that she will be using the tabulator for the elections of officers.
  5. I would like to select the dates for our Informational Meeting. This will allow me to coordinate with Cor at BCTV for any extra preparation needed. Is there anyone else that would like to be part of a team to work on the details for Town Meeting?
  • Monday February 15th (President’s Day)
  • Tuesday February 16th  
  • Monday February 22nd 
  • Monday March 1st  

Ms. Sanborn made a motion to approve the Administrative Assistance Report.  Mr. Williams seconded.

Motion passed 5/0.


  1. W-2 & 1099’S – I have been working on getting all my information needed for my W-2’s and 1099’s so I can mail them out to all the employees and contractors by the end of the week. I will then send copies to the appropriate parties at the State of Vermont and the IRS.
  2. Monthly & Quarterly Reports – I have finished my monthly report to the State of Vermont for taxes and to Vermont Municipal Employee Retirement System (VMER’s); I can now finish my quarterly reports for the State of Vermont, VMER’s, Dept. of Labor and the IRS. These will be completed by tomorrow.
  3. Minimum Wage and Mileage – Effective January 1, 2021 the new minimum wage is $11.75/hr. We do have one person who is making minimum wage that this will affect. I have adjusted their minimum wage from the 2020 rate of $10.96/hr. to $11.75/hr. The new mileage rate is now $0.56/mile, down from $0.575. This also went into effect on January 1, 2021.
  4. Budget – I have entered all the information that I currently have into NEMRC for next year’s budget. I have done the same for all the revenue, expense and capital reports. Once we finish the budget I can complete all of these.
  5. Miscellaneous – Everything else is going as scheduled with accounts payable, payroll and collecting taxes daily. Taxes are already coming in for the January 15th

Sierra Pratt is doing a great job with the reconciliations and they are getting done on-time          monthly.


Deborah Luskin provided insight to the approaching town meeting.  With the challenging times surrounding COVID 19, a reluctant decision was made by the Selectboard to hold 2021 Town meeting by Australian ballot.  But still affording the voting towns people the right to make crucial discussions, which would normally take place in a debate at the meeting.   BCTV, Newfane staff and volunteers will be working on the extra details needed for the informational meeting, which will be held prior to March 2nd.

Ms. Luskin asked if the Common’s newspaper box currently located at the “Eatery” could be relocated to the porch of the Williamsville Hall.

Discussion ensued.


Mr. Estey requested that the Selectboard consider the nomination of Luke Stafford as an Alternate Representative to the Planning Commission.

Mr. Fitzpatrick made a motion to Appoint Luke Stafford as an Alternate to the Planning Commission.  Mr. Williams seconded.

Motion passed 5/0

Planning Commission Chair Ken Estey mentioned that the commission is working on short term rental report; Ms. Forrest will be sending the finale report to the Board for review.   There are revision issues of the Town Plan that will be taken up at the future commission meetings.




Animal Control continues to be an issue that the Selectboard has been dealing with.  Mr. Fitzpatrick offered to contact a dog owner in S. Newfane regarding Animal Control Ordnance.  Mr. Fitzpatrick will make an appointment to visit the owners to discuss and document the efforts and proof of compliance.

Mr. Fitzpatrick will report back to the Selectboard at the next meeting.






  1. Payroll Warrant #11490        Amount $ 6,721.20
  2. Payroll Warrant #11492        Amount $  7,801.45
  3. Account Payable # 21013 Amount $ 14,208.50

Mr. Fitzpatrick made a motion to approve pay orders.  Mr. Williams seconded.

Motion passed.


Mr. Williams made a motion to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 8:39pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Administrative Assistant

Wannetta Powling