Planning Commission Meeting Minutes: June 10, 2021

COMMISSION MEMBERS PRESENT: Ken Estey, Lynn Forrest, Nolan Edgar, Jane Douglas, Kate Gehring

OTHERS PRESENT: Jennette Perry, Walt Dadik (Development Review Board), Ann Golob (Newfane Selectboard)

The meeting was called to order at 6:04pm by Ken Estey.

Ken plans to add discussion of Vermont Farm to Plate 2021 to 2030 Plan to a future meeting agenda under New Business.

Commission reviewed minutes of 5/27/2021 regular meeting. A motion was made by Lynn and seconded by Kate to approve the meeting minutes of 5/27/2021, as submitted. The motion carried unanimously by voice vote. Commission reviewed minutes of 6/3/2021 special meeting. A motion was made by Jane and seconded by Kate to approve the meeting minutes of 6/3/2021, as submitted. The motion carried unanimously by voice vote.



Town Plan & Planning Document:
Ken reported on his attendance at the June 7 th Newfane Selectboard meeting. Ann Golob joined the Commission for a discussion about rewriting the Town Plan priorities planning document. Commission discussed planning of future meetings with the public to review the planning document after it is rewritten. A motion was made by Ken and seconded by Lynn that the Commission have a special meeting on 6/17/21 at 7:30pm. The motion carried unanimously by voice vote. Commission discussed attendance at the 6/21/21 Newfane Selectboard meeting.

Broadband Update, Deerfield Valley Communications Union District:
Jane gave report on recent work with the Deerfield Valley Communications Union District board.

Zoning Bylaw for Short Term Rentals & VT Legislative update:
Ken gave update on his effort to invite Senator Becca Ballant to speak to the Commission. Commission discussed possible future Short Term Rental work. Lynn agrees to send Kate short-term rental newsletter information. Kate agrees to ask the State for more information about the economic ramifications of short-term rentals with cafes and stores

Development Review Board (DRB) update:
Walt Dadik gave report on recent/upcoming Newfane Development Review Board work.

Anti-Bias and Diversity Training – VLCT:
Commission discussed upcoming trainings.

Leland & Gray Union Middle & High School participation/engagement – update:
Kate gave update on work to engage with Leland & Gray students.

Farm to Plate, Everyone Eats:
Lynn will provide update once new information is available.

Paperwork, Filing, Training Manuals, Storage, Boxes – All:
Ken will continue discussion with Carrol Hesselbach about using the Town’s copier. Ken and Nolan agree to look over Planning Commission meeting minutes posted to the Town website. Nolan will print copies of all meeting minutes taken during his time as Commission secretary, to be archived in storage. Ken will show Nolan file storage locations at a later date. Ken will check in with Wannetta about storage at the Town Office.

Upcoming Trainings, Conferences, Events – attendance & participation:
Ken announced upcoming trainings, conferences, and events for Commissioners to attend.


A motion was made by Nolan and seconded by Jane to adjourn. The motion carried unanimously by
voice vote and the meeting adjourned at 7:53pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nolan Edgar