Planning Commission Regular Meeting Minutes: Nov 2, 2017

Date: Nov 2, 2017
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: Three Penny Lodge, 492 Dover Road, South Newfane, Vermont 05351

I. Present: Bob McCandless, Lynn Forrest, Angela Sanborn and Ken Estey
Absent:Mike Young

II. No members of the public present

III. Old Business

II. Meeting called to order 7:05.
Angela presented the first iteration survey for the public meeting on November 18, 2017.

Discussion and recommended changes all noted. Angela to make modifications to the document and present a newly revised survey at next scheduled meeting on the 7th of November.

Ken to contact John Bennet about demographic information which he’ll try to remit by the next PC meeting on the 7th.

IV. New Business
a. Lynn will coordinate setting up a meeting with the DRB and the Planning Commission to
discuss zoning change recommendations to consider for the Town Plan.

V. Lynn motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:55. Angela seconded. All in favor.
III. Respectfully submitted
Bob McCandless

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