Recycling Committee Meeting Minutes – September 12, 2017


Minutes from September 12, 2017

Joan and Johanna present. Tristam Johnson absent.


Reviewed permit documents from town garage:

Found that there is no Act 250 permit because the garage project was on a parcel smaller than 10 acres.

The garage was permitted in 1997 with the town. April 3.


Looked at old site map.


Seems like it might be good to talk with Piet Van Loon about this idea of siting the transfer station at garage.


Discussed meeting with select board to put to them that we cannot be expected to begin permitting processes. They will need to do this.

Another concern is how does the earth moving and tree cutting that would need to be done to create a transfer station…who gets those quotes?


Johanna will put together a sample survey.


Johanna will call Dennis for permitting for Categorical Recycling Facility and check with haulers to see if anyone would do it.


How many people can a hauler service? How much they charge per bag?


Tristam is taking on cost projections for transfer station.


Joan will come up with the costs for each household to deal with their trash.


Johanna will work on overall proposal and permitting, looking at the Categorical Recycling Facility.


Will meet with board next Monday.


Questions for board:

Sample survey?

Get a quote for work at garage or will town get town workers to do tree cutting or leveling of ground.

Is the town garage off limits or is it possible to use it? We have looked at all the town land and this is the only site that could possibly fit this purpose.

We also heard the town garage might be used for emergency vehicles? This could create another conflict. Please clarify. There is nothing that physically will prevent the expansion of the area, and the existing pad could be developed for other uses besides the garage.

Would you be willing to buy a piece of land for this project, or lease it, if you don’t want it at the garage?