Selectboard Meeting July 1, 2019

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July 1, 2019
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Hendrik van Loon, Christopher Williams, Shelly Huber, Angela Sanborn and Mike Fitzpatrick
OTHERS PRESENT: Jay Wilson, Melissa Brown, Marion Dowling and Wannetta Powling.
The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Hendrik van Loon, Chair
A motion was made by Mike Fitzpatrick and seconded by Christopher Williams to accept the minutes for
June 17, 2019
The motion carried 4-1.
Road Foreman’s & Road Commissioner’s Report:
See attached report.
Discussion ensued regarding ledge on Sunset Lake Road, Mr. Williams made a motion to have Renaud to do the work for the three sided culvert box, while they were there. Ms. Huber made a motion to authorize the chair to review the written estimate and to approve providing the work not to exceed $4,500 dollars.
A motion to accept the Road Foreman’s report was made by Ms. Huber and seconded by
Ms. Sanborn
See attached report.
Ms. Huber did not think that it was approved to have the road crew assist with hanging the flags on the front of the building. It was pointed out that they help us installs the air conditioners and carries the town reports to the post office when they are mailed out prior to town meeting.
A motion to accept the administrative assistants report was made by Ms. Sanborn and seconded
By Mr. Williams
The motion carried 4-1.
Marion Dowling wanted to thank everyone for their concern, during her recent health issues. She also expressed her gratitude to those that she has worked with during her time on the board.
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Melissa Brown gave an explanation of the Historical grant from 2003 years ago that Paid 3800 had been miss coded to misc. bank charges abatement’s – the funds are at a Zero Balance and just have the interest into the capital fund and close out the Historical Grant.
Ms. Huber made a motion to have the Treasure close out the grant and note the chart of accounts
The Motion Passed 5-0 in favor
Wage increase was approved at the budget meeting last fall and approved at the Town Meeting. The board signed the document to show the wage increase by person and department.
Audit Services from Sullivan, Powers & Co. PC – Scope of Services
FEMA -Bridge & Road – Standards
A motion was made by Ms. Huber to accept receipt of this Scope of Services from Sullivan, Powers& Co. PC
Seconded by Ms Sanborn
The motion carried 5-0
A motion was made by Ms. Huber to adopt FEMA -Town Road & Bridge – Standards seconded by Mr. Williams
The motion carried 5-0
• Payroll Warrant No. 11404 in the amount of $5,568.71
• Payroll Warrant No. 11403 in the amount of $4,116.72
• Accounts Payable No. 20001 in the amount of $ 81,532.81
A motion was made by Mr. van Loon and seconded Mr. Williams to approve the pay orders.
The motion carried 5-0
A motion was made by Angela Sanborn and seconded Michael Fitzpatrick to adjourn the meeting.
The motion carried 5-0
Meeting Adjourned at 7:04 pm
Respectfully Submitted,
Wannetta Powling
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July 1, 2019
1. I have submitted the first bills for reimbursement for the Depot Rd. Box Culvert and the Sand/Salt shed projects. This is the first round of bills so I don’t know how long it will take for the reimbursements.
2. We continue to work on Sunset Lake Rd.; we are waiting for the hammer to be repaired to finish some ledge removal. I met with Mike Renaud from Renaud Brothers in reference to the very narrow modified box culvert in the middle of the hill on Sunset Lake. He quoted us $4500 to do all the concrete work to fix this problem. We already have the permit from Scott Jensen with ANR.
3. We had one person grading roads all of last week while the rest of us were on Sunset Lake Rd.
4. The speed survey counters spent a week in Williamsville. They are currently in South Newfane and then on to Brookside area for the last section next week.
5. I have the radar signs out in Williamsville and Brookside currently.
Thank You,
Jay Wilson Road Foreman
Christopher Williams Road Commissioner
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July 1, 2019
• Among the many phone calls, emails and mail that I have attended to the past two weeks, I was also able to spend 3 hours on Saturday washing the windows and the front of the building, saving the town just for the window washing over $150.00.
• I would like the Board to consider allowing me to contact the high school in the spring to see if we could get a student needing to complete a community service project before graduation to help with washing the windows.
• Jay and the Road crew hung the banners on the front of the building for me Friday. I would like to thank all of them from saving me the frightening task of climbing the ladder.
• I posted the warnings for the Special Meetings we had on Wednesday the 26th. I still am working on the minutes from the Wednesday’s meeting and will have them posted tomorrow.
• The budget was causing some concern so I did some research on the Budget process by reviewing some of the past town reports and minutes from budget meetings. I was able to squeeze in another online class with NEMRC also preparing myself for the Budget process. Melissa was able to explain some more of the process; she is very knowledgeable and offered to show me more when she has free time.
• I have given you the updated contact sheet, you can see it has more detail than the previous one; it was done in alphabetical order and laminated for your benefit.
Respectfully Submitted,
Wannetta Powling