Selectboard Meeting Minutes – April 17, 2017




APRIL 17, 2017

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Carol Hatcher, Gary Delius, Marion Dowling, Mike Fitzpatrick, Christopher Williams

OTHERS PRESENT:    Todd Lawley, Ken Estey, Gunther Garbe, Shannon Meckle



April 3, 2017: The minutes were reviewed and the following changes were made:  Add Gunther Garbe’s last name; note that Frank Suponski and Lynn Forrest were present.  A motion was made by Gary Delius to approve the minutes as corrected. The motion carried with four in favor and Mike Fitzpatrick abstaining.


Road Foreman’s/Road Commissioner’s Report: See attached report.

A motion was made by Gary Delius and seconded by Marion Dowling to accept the Road Foreman’s and Road Commissioner’s Report.

Discussion: Carol noted her concern regarding the usage of heating fuel at the Williamsville Hall.  Todd will call Steve Levine.

The motion carried with four in favor and Christopher Williams abstaining.

Highway Job Descriptions/Job Applications:  The Board and staff reviewed the Highway Crew Job Description, Job Opening and Job Application and highlighted changes. A motion was made by Gary Delius and seconded by Mike Fitzpatrick to approve as amended. The motion carried unanimously.  Gary thanked Carol and Christopher for updating them.

Executive Session/Personnel:  A motion was made by Gary Delius and seconded by Mike Fitzpatrick to go into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing the appointment or employment or evaluation of a public official or employee in accordance with 1 V.S.A. §313(a)(3) and to include the Road Foreman in the Executive Session.  The motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Gary Delius and seconded by Christopher Williams to come out of Executive Session. The motion carried unanimously.  There were no actions taken as a result of the Executive Session.


Win Clark, Rescue, Inc. Representative:  Win was present to give update the Board on activities at Rescue, Inc. over the past year, noting it was Rescue’s 50th anniversary. He noted that the new station is open in West Townshend and there will be an open house on June. 10.

Discussion ensued regarding the per capita assessment. Win explained how the number is figured.


Town Office Painting Bids: One bid was received for interior painting from Momaney Painters. One bid was received for exterior painting from Momaney Painters. Both bids were opened and read into the record as follows:

Exterior Painting Bid: $12,800.00

Interior Bid:  $11,600.00

The Selectboard forwarded these on to the Town Office Committee for review.

Meeting Schedule: Gary Delius noted that he would be away for the May 1 meeting.


Green Lantern Solar Contract:  Ralph updated the Board on the most recent minor change to the lease.  Shannon confirmed Rich  was okay with the change.

A motion was made by Mike Fitzpatrick and seconded by Marion Dowling to sign the lease agreement. 

Ralph noted that there would still be plenty of opportunity for public comment during the permitting process as well.

An amendment was offered to the motion by Gary Delius and seconded by Marion Dowling, adding a sentence regarding right of first opportunity to Newfane land owners. The amendment passed with three in favor, one opposed and one abstention. 

A motion to sign the lease agreement as amended was made by Mike Fitzpatrick and seconded by Gary Delius. The motion carried with four in favor, and Christopher Williams abstaining. 

Ralph thanked the Board and noted that if anyone has questions, to direct them to him.  The Board thanked Ralph for his patience during the process.

Open & Accepting Town Committee:   Ken Estey updated the Board with Committee members and noted their first meeting will be held on April 27 at 5:30 p.m. at the Town Office.

A motion was made by Gary Delius to appoint Apple Gifford, David Harlow, Maude Polo, Ken Estey and Rick Rickards to the Open & Accepting Committee. The  motion was seconded by Marion Dowling. The motion carried with three in favor and two opposed.

Recycling Committee:   Discussion ensued regarding Johanna Gardner’s presentation of an  RFQ and the original charge of the committee. Gary suggested changing the Request for Quotes to a Request for Information, so that the Board would not be bound to award any bid. Shannon and Gary will revise the document.

WSWMD Rep. Resignation:  The Board discussed Johanna Gardner’s resignation.  It was noted that the vacancy needs to be filled as soon as possible.  Shannon will continue as alternate,  however is not as available for meetings as Johanna was.  Shannon will put the vacancy on the website.

Animal Control Issues:  Marion gave an update on her visit with the Animal Control Officer.  They discussed signage for the village as well as issuing fines and delivering flyers.  It was noted that the Animal Control Officer does  not have identification. This will be on the next agenda.


A motion was made by Gary Delius  and seconded by Mike Fitzpatrick to approve the pay orders as follows:

  • Accounts Payable Warrant No. 17024 in the amount of $779,096.63
  • Payroll Warrant No. 4/19/17 in the amount of $4,296.53
  • Payroll Warrant No. 4/12/17 in the amount of $4,368.37

The motion carried unanimously.


A motion was made by Marion Dowling and seconded by Christopher Williams to adjourn at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Shannon Meckle


APRIL 17, 2017

  1. Roads: The roads overall have held up really well as far as mud is concerned. The South Wardsboro Road is the worst one so far. There are sections of it that are still very wet and have some ruts in it. We hauled stone up to the worst of it on Friday. That spot seems better but there are a number of other ones that we are watching. The grader is out every day shaping up roads and we are out raking the roads as well. We are hauling gravel as well. The crew has been out with the backhoe cleaning culverts and straightening out some of the ditch lines. The guys have been doing a lot of hand work redirecting the water on days it has been raining. That has helped to keep the roads from washing out.
  1. Equipment: The 09 Sterling is back from Twin State. They found several things wrong with the emissions and fixed the wipers as well.  The wings have been taken off the trucks. The plow frames will stay on for a while yet. We are working on the plow frame on the 2013 Mack. We will have it back together this week. The F-550 has been to Faith’s Ford to have two tie rod ends replaced and a front end alignment done. It was all covered under the extended warranty. Otherwise, the equipment is good.
  1. Kenny Pond Repairs: Lucian Leape called and is wondering when the town is going to finish the retaining wall project. He would like to see it done by June. I told him I was not going to say it will be done by then. I told him we had done a lot of the work up there and the wall was the last thing to get done. I will ask Marc Pickering to take a look at it with me.
  1. River Road Bridge: I have been playing phone tag with Marc Pickering. I want to sit down with him right off and get the bid written up and sent out soon. I will try him again and see if Shannon and I can work with him on it.
  1. Williamsville Hall: I got a phone call from Steve Levine on Friday that there was some sort of water leak down stairs and they needed a plumber, so I called Jeff Russ. I have not heard anything else so I assume it is fixed. Someone had turned on the heat for the down stairs dining room area and had it up to 66 degrees. I turned the heat off everywhere but the bath rooms It has used somewhere between ¼ to ½ a tank of fuel already.
  1. Paving Bid: I am working on a two-part paving bid this year. We had some paving money left over from paving last fall. I am writing one up that has to be done by and billed by June 30, 2017. That bid will use up whatever money we had left over from last fall. One will have to be done by September 15, 2017, using the paving budget for the next year’s budget that starts on July 1.

Thank you,

Todd Lawley, Road Foreman

Christopher Williams, Road Commissioner