Selectboard Meeting Minutes – April 2, 2018




APRIL 2, 2018

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:   Marion Dowling, Gary Delius (via telephone), Mike Fitzpatrick, Shelly Huber, Christopher Williams

OTHERS PRESENT:   Lynn Forrest, Angela Sanborn, Jay Wilson, Shannon Meckle


The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Marion Dowling, Chair.


A motion was made by Christopher Williams and seconded by Shelly Huber to accept the agenda.  The motion carried unanimously. 


March 19, 2018 Regular Meeting:    A motion was made by Mike Fitzpatrick and seconded by Christopher Williams to approve the minutes. The motion carried with four in favor and one abstention.


Road Foreman’s Report: See attached report.

A motion was made by Mike Fitzpatrick and seconded by Christopher Williams to have the well at the Williamsville Hall sealed.  The motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Mike Fitzpatrick and seconded by Shelly Huber to accept the report. The motion carried unanimously.

Risk Management Workshop:  Shelly reported on the Selectboard Institute that she recently attended. She shared information about a workshop for Highway Supervisors and encouraged attendance.


 See attached report. 

 A motion was made by Shelly Huber to authorize Christopher Williams and Marion Dowling  to attend the potential meeting with Vermont Land Trust. The motion was seconded by Mike Fitzpatrick. The motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Christopher Williams and seconded by Shelly Huber to post the Intent to Convey.

Gary noted that he was unable to hear the explanation. Shelly reiterated the information for Gary.

The motion carried unanimously. 

A motion was made by Mike Fitzpatrick and seconded by Christopher Williams to  accept the report.  The motion carried unanimously.


Planning Commission:  Lynn Forrest and Angela Sanborn were present to give an update on the Town Plan process and the Municipal Planning Grant.

Discussion ensued regarding the timeline of the Town Plan update.

A motion was made by Shelly Huber and seconded by Mike Fitzpatrick to accept and support the Planning Commission’s timeline and re-adoption of the Town Plan.  The motion carried unanimously.

Lynn and Angela went over the top five topics of concern that residents brought up during the public meetings and the survey.  Among particular interest were safety, speeding, maintaining the character and feel of the town, business and economic development, public transportation, and recycling and trash collection.   The Board thanked the Planning Commission for their work.


There were no unscheduled members of the public.


  • Letter from Breeze Verdant regarding speeding in Williamsville – Discussion ensued. Shannon will put on the agenda for April 16 and let Mr. Verdant know it will be discussed.


  • Notice from Treasurer regarding credit cards and e-checks.


  • VLCT News – April 2018.


 A motion was made by Marion Dowling and seconded by Christopher Williams to approve pay orders as follows:

  • Accounts Payable Warrant No. 18021 in the amount of $40,459.01
  • Payroll Warrant No. 03/28/18 in the amount of $4,110.83
  • Payroll Warrant No. 04/04/18 in the amount of $5,199.75

 The motion carried unanimously.


A motion was made by Christopher Williams  and seconded by Mike Fitzpatrick    to adjourn at   p.m. The motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,

Shannon Meckle


April 2, 2018

  1. Williamsville Hall was opened last week. The heating and the well will need to be addressed. The well has got watering running in to it.


  1. The 2017 truck is headed to Tenco on Wednesday for a new lift cylinder (under warranty.) It should be just gone for the day.


  1. We have started taking wings off, so hopefully winter is over.


  1. Cut and chipped brush last week.


  1. We started spot grading rough spots and hauled gravel to some areas as the roads allow. This will continue until the frost is out and roads can be completely graded.


  1. There will be tree cutting on Sunset Lake Road over the next couple of weeks to get the road ready for ditching.


  1. Garage Door springs have been replaced and ordered the last set needed.


Thank You,


Jay Wilson, Road Foreman

Christopher Williams, Road Commissioner


APRIL 2, 2018


VERMONT LAND TRUST CONTACT: I received a call from Jennifer Garrett at Vermont Land Trust regarding the Manitou land donation offer. She would like to form a relationship with the town and would like to meeting with me, possibly Rich Carroll, and one or two board members, if possible.  I can set that up as soon as possible.

GLEBE LANDS :  We’ve been contacted by an attorney who represents a landowner in Newfane. They have discovered that a portion of their land is actually Glebe Land.  Glebe Land (also called Lease Land) is land that (years ago) was reserved by towns for the Church of England or for the use of schools, colleges or the support of the ministry.  Eventually the lands were leased to private citizens and the money was set aside for religious purposes or the church.  This was eventually declared unconstitutional. The landowners have been paying taxes on this land since somewhere around 1889.  The town really has no claim to the land and at this point is more of a title issue than anything.

I’ve spoken with Rich Carroll and he advised that the process to convey it is fairly simple.  The attorney for the landowner is willing to draft all of the documents and pay the necessary costs of advertising the Intent to Convey that will need to be published and posted.

I’ve attached some general background information on Glebe Lands for your information.  I can put this on the agenda for the next meeting unless you feel comfortable voting to post the Intent to Convey (also attached) which the attorney has kindly drafted for us.

SPECIAL MEETING REMINDER: Just a reminder that we’ll need to have a special meeting next Monday, the 9th, for the purpose of opening truck bids.  Is 6:00 a good start time, or is earlier better?

BROOKSIDE SIGN:  I received the invoice for the 50% deposit for the Brookside sign and it is being paid in tonight’s pay orders.