Selectboard Meeting Minutes – Decmeber 17, 2018

DECEMBER 17, 2018

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Marion Dowling, Gary Delius (via speaker phone), Shelly Huber
OTHERS PRESENT: Marty Cohn, Chris Druke, Angela Sanborn, Ken McFadden, Jay Wilson, Shannon Meckle
The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Marion Dowling, Chair.
There were no additions or amendments to the agenda.
December 3, 2018: A motion was made by Gary Delius and seconded by Shelly Huber to approve the regular minutes. The motion carried unanimously.
December 3, 2018 Budget Meeting: A motion was made by Gary Delius and seconded by Shelly Huber to approve the budget meeting minutes. The motion carried unanimously.
Road Foreman’s & Road Commissioner’s Report: See attached report.

Discussion ensued regarding the VTrans the traffic safety audit. Copies will be distributed to the traffic calming liaisons when the final is released.

A motion was made by Gary Delius and seconded by Shelly Huber to accept the report. The motion carried unanimously.


See attached report.

Shelly noted that some towns say the Pledge of Allegiance before each meeting. Shannon will look into this and get back to the Board.

A motion was made by Shelly Huber to accept the report. The motion was seconded by Gary Delius. The motion carried unanimously.

BCTV Funding Request: Marty Cohn, BCTV Representative was present to thank the Board for putting BCTV and for submitting a letter to the FCC on behalf of BCTV. excellent letter. In light of recent threats to public access television funding and the decline in cable subscribers, BCTV requested an appropriation of $1,300.00 to continue to provide services to Newfane.

A motion was made by Gary Delius and seconded by Shelly Huber to add $1,300 into the budget for town meeting approval. The motion carried unanimously.


School Property: Ken McFadden, Chair of NewBrook School Board was present to discuss the recent Act 46 merger, school property, and communications between Selectboard and School Board. Ken noted that he was not representing the West River Modified Union Education District.

Discussion ensued regarding whether it’s still possible for the School District to sign land adjacent to the school over to the town to preserve the property.

Ken noted that the voters had already approved Article 7 of the agreement which states that by June 30, 2019, all property will be signed over to the combined district.

Discussion ensued. Ken will check with the school board attorney and see if signing it over to the town before June 30 is possible now that the vote has already happened.


– Letter and report from Timothy Shafer to the Board of Health regarding Rental Housing Inspection.

– VLCT News


A motion was made by Shelly Huber and seconded by Gary Delius to approve pay orders as follows:

• Accounts Payable Warrant No. 19013 in the amount of $46,912.32
• Payroll Warrant No. 11373 in the amount of $5,111.35

The motion carried unanimously.


A motion was made by Gary Delius and seconded by Shelly Huber to adjourn the meeting at 7:13 p.m. The motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,
Shannon Meckle

December 17, 2018

1. We have a draft of the ‘Road Safety Audit’ for Dover Rd. and they will be sending the final version after Christmas.

2. Melanson Roofing Co. is coming to fix the Williamsville Hall.

3. We are still doing cleanup from the storm at the end of November.

4. The new Western Star has still not been delivered, it is scheduled for this week and then it will be sent up to have the plow, wing and body mounted. We have had to spend some money on the Sterling to keep it going.

5. I have prices on the new all vinyl windows for the garage they were $546.96 each. I have not gotten an installation price yet.

6. The second Radar sign is setup and ready to put out.

Thank You,

Jay Wilson, Road Foreman
Christopher Williams, Road Commissioner

DECEMBER 17, 2018

Letter on Behalf of BCTV: I sent out the letter last week in support of BCTV. It is attached to my report.
Traffic Safety Audit: The State of Vermont completed a Traffic Safety Audit for Dover Road, specifically the villages of Williamsville, South Newfane, and Brookside. Copies are in your mail boxes and I will forward a copy to the Traffic Calming group for discussion at a future meeting.
Flags for Town Meeting: I’ve ordered the flags for Town Meeting (a United States and a Vermont) They’ll be here in plenty of time.
Town Report and Budget: I am continuing to work on the Town Report and finalize the budget. I suspect we will just need one more budget meeting, which should take place after the new year, when all of the appropriation requests have come in. I’ve checked in with the Auditors to see when we might see a final audit, as well.