Selectboard Meeting Minutes – October 16, 2017




OCTOBER 16, 2017

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:    Gary Delius, Marion Dowling, Mike Fitzpatrick (at 6:07 p.m.), Carol Hatcher, Christopher Williams


Doris Knechtel, Johanna Gardner, Joan Weir, Jay Wilson, Ralph Meima, Steve Levine, Annie Landenberger, Tristam Johnson


The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Carol Hatcher, Chair.


A motion was made by Marion Dowling and seconded  by Christopher Williams to approve the agenda as presented. The motion carried unanimously.


October 2, 2017:  A motion was made by Gary Delius to table approval of the minutes until the October 30th meeting. The motion was seconded by Marion Dowling. The motion carried unanimously.


Road Foreman’s Report: See attached report.

The consensus of the Board was to wait to do white line striping until Spring.

A motion was made by Marion Dowling and seconded by Gary Delius to accept the Road Foreman’s & Road Commissioner’s Report.  The motion carried unanimously.

Shannon will draft a letter regarding the Baker Brook Road issue.

Winter Sand Bid:  At this time, Mike Fitzpatrick recused himself.

Two bids were received. They were opened and read into the record as follows:

  • Fitzpatrick Excavating: $11.00 per cubic yard, delivered.
  • Zaluzny Excavating: $11.92 per cubic yard, delivered.

A  motion was made by Christopher Williams to award the bid to Fitzpatrick Excavating for $11.00 per cubic yard, with delivery to be within a week of Road Foreman’s ordering.  The motion was seconded by Marion Dowling. The motion carried unanimously. 

At this time, Mike Fitzpatrick returned to the meeting.

Speed Feedback Signs:  Jay Wilson presented the preferred bid that Shannon obtained. Jay noted that he and Shannon both recommended this particular unit and company based on several price comparisons and the location of the company.  He further noted that the Town of Dover has had really good luck with both the units and the company.

After discussion, a motion was made by Mike Fitzpatrick to accept the bid.  The motion was seconded by Marion Dowling.  The motion carried unanimously.

River Road Bridge:  Jay Wilson noted that the beams were lowered and they are progressing almost on schedule. The work should be completed around the 20th of November.

Highway Crew Vacancy:  Jay Wilson and Christopher Williams reviewed the applicants with the Board. Eight applications were received.  Four had no experience and no CDL.  Out of the remaining four, two were interviewed.  Jay and Christopher both recommended Mike Fontaine.  They shared his experience and qualifications with the Board, noting his experience working for a town road crew and his most recent position as Road Foreman at a private company.

A motion was made by Marion Dowling and seconded by Mike Fitzpatrick to hire Mike Fontaine. The motion carried unanimously.

Mike Fitzpatrick noted that it seems like Jay Wilson is doing a great job so far. The Board agreed and thanked Jay for his efforts.


Carol reminded everyone about the Rules of Procedure for the Newfane Selectboard, which allows reasonable opportunity to express opinions as long as order is maintained.

Ralph Meima, Green Lantern:  Ralph Meima was present to update the Board, noting that they have filed their 45-day notice of intent to apply for a Certificate of Public Good.

Ralph reviewed the current site plan with the Board, noting that no tree cutting will be necessary. ANR granted them a waiver, which means they will not have to conduct a rare, threatened and invasive species study.

Discussion ensued regarding the community array aspect of the process. Ralph updated the Board that selling the panels is turning out to be challenging.  Publicity will be important so that Newfane residents are aware of the  opportunity.

Recycling Committee:  Johanna Gardner, Joan Weir, and Tristam Johnson were present to give their formal presentation of options for recycling in Newfane.

Johanna noted that it is important for the Board to consider the most cost effective and convenient options for the residents while encourage recycling.

The five options presented by the Committee were:

  1. Town not provide any service. (Stay as is.)
  2. Recycling bins provided by the town, picked up by a private hauler.
  3. Transfer station for residents.
  4. A privately owned transfer station.
  5. Fast Trash (a temporary set up once per week, run by a private hauler.)

The Committee went over the five different options with the Board.  Discussion ensued regarding the options and figures.

The full report can be viewed at the Newfane Town Office.


There were no Unscheduled Members of the Public.


Williamsville Hall:

Members of the Williamsville Hall were present to discuss the mold situation at the Williamsville Hall.  Steve Levine noted that Jon Julian washed the back wall in the kitchen with bleach water and it’s fine now.  They will be doing the other side soon.  Discussion ensued regarding repairs needed in the basement.  Steve recommended getting a drainage expert to look at the situation.  Mike suggested that during the next rain storm someone go in and see where the water is coming in.  A plan will be written out for budgeting purposes.

The Committee presented the idea of keeping the Hall open longer and moving activities to do the downstairs part of the Hall so that the upstairs won’t need to be heated.  Discussion ensued.

Steve Levine presented figures on weatherization of the Hall. He noted that $3,500.00 of the project would be paid for out of the Donation Fund, leaving a balance of $7285.00 to be paid for out of the town’s Capital Fund.  Steve noted that showed a balance of $27,000 in the Capital Fund. Discussion ensued regarding the budget for the weatherization projects.

A motion was made by Mike Fitzpatrick and seconded by Christopher Williams to approve the Hall Committee looking into the weatherization project.  

By the next meeting, the Hall Committee will come to the Board with numbers and an indication as to whether there will be volunteer labor available.

Mike Fitzpatrick amended his motion to allow work to begin on the Williamsville Hall Weatherization project, with a cost of up to $10,875.00 with $3,500.00 to come from the Donation Fund.  Christopher Williams seconded the amendment.  The motion carried unanimously.  

A motion was made by Mike Fitzpatrick to keep the Williamsville Hall open until December 1.  The motion was seconded by Marion Dowling.  The motion carried unanimously.

Town Office:  Gary reported that he’d responded to Shannon earlier in the day regarding the name of the person who gave a quote for painting the sign.  This will be discussed at the next meeting.

Job Descriptions, Zoning and Administrative Assistant: Christopher suggested tabling this discussion until Shannon was present.


There was no correspondence.


A motion was made by Gary Delius and seconded by Marion Dowling to approve the pay orders. The motion carried unanimously.


A motion was made by Gary Delius  and seconded by Mike Fitzpatrick to adjourn at 8:20 p.m.  The  motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,

Shannon Meckle



OCTOBER 16, 2017

  1. We have a problem on Baker Brook Road with work being done on the edge of the road in the town right-of-way. The Selectboard will need to address this.


  1. We cleaned the sand from inside the covered bridge.


  1. Have started fixing shoulders on some of the pavement where it’s eroded.


  1. Replaced culverts on Adams Hill Road and Newfane Hill Road.


  1. I met with Christopher Williams and Mike Fitzpatrick on Stratton Hill Road to make a plan to correct some drainage issues. We have tried their suggestions and are waiting to see how it works.


  1. I met with Richard Thall on South Wardsboro Road and he will be bringing a proposal to the board for some road side work at his property at a November meeting.


  1. Removed seven hazardous trees on Baker Brook Road and one on Dover Road last Thursday.


  1. Had a meeting on Friday with Emily from Windham Regional regarding a storm water grant we received. We toured some of the roads and found a section of Sunset Lake Road that needed the most work. It will consist of ditching, stone lining the ditches and replacing any failed culverts.


  1. I received a price for Covered Bridge concrete repairs from Daniels Construction and I have attached it.


  1. I had checked with Dover regarding Radar Signs and Shannon left me with a recommendation and pricing for the board.


  1. Christopher Williams, Mike Fitzpatrick, Todd Lawley and myself met with Matt Belden from Daniels Construction at the River Road Bridge to discuss the change in grade. The beams were lowered to mitigate the grade problem. The beams were currently in their yard and the bridge is continuing close to schedule.


  1. Wiswall Hill Road erosion needs some work. Mike Fitzpatrick has a plan to fix it for $2,500 to $3,000.


  1. On the radio bid, we were able to reduce the cost by approximately $1,000, the radios are ordered and the new frequency’s have been applied for. I met with the radio installers late this afternoon and they have all the information they need to proceed.


  1. On Columbus Day, we had two trees down blocking the roads and then most of Tuesday was spent cleaning up trees and branches.


  1. Lafayette is planning on finishing the band rail for the two bridges on South Wardsboro Road on Oct. 23-25.


  1. I finally received a price for white lines on the pavement this afternoon. I have attached that as well.

Thank You,

Jay Wilson, Road Foreman

Christopher Williams, Road Commissioner