MINUTES October 7, 2019

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Hendrik van Loon, Christopher Williams, Shelly Huber and Michael Fitzpatrick   Absent: Angela Sanborn
OTHERS PRESENT: BCTV, Jay Wilson, Mark Anderson, Alex Beck, Ron Hagenow, Tom Abbotts and Wannetta Powling
CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chair Hendrik van Loon.
A motion was made by Mr. Fitzpatrick to add the B.L.C. Minutes of October 1, 2019.
Executives Session:
Mr. van Loon made a motion to accept the Minutes of September 16, 2019 with the following amendments,
Dog Ordnance Amendment – outcome of the meeting to amend the minutes the matter was tabled to a future meeting for policy review and possible changes.
Country Fire Alarm will install fire alarm system at Williamsville Hall
Mr. Williams seconded the motion
3-1 Ms Huber abstained
A motion was made by Mr. Fitzpatrick and seconded by Mr. Williams to accept the minutes for the B.L.C. September 16, 2019
The motion carried 3-1 Ms Huber abstained

A motion was made by Mr. Fitzpatrick and seconded by Ms. Huber to accept the minutes for the B.L.C. Minutes of October 1, 2019
The motion carried 3-1 Mr. Williams abstained

Road Foreman’s & Road Commissioner’s Report:
See attached report.
Ms Huber made a motion to not plow the NewBrook School Mr. Williams seconded.
The motion carried 4-0
Mr. Williams made a motion to build a new fire pond with the well over flow at the Town Garage, and to provide equipment and labor to do a fire pond with approximately 20 to 30 thousands gallon at the town garage property Ms Huber seconded the motion
The motion carried 4-0

A motion was made by Mr. Fitzpatrick and seconded by Mr. Williams to deny the Jones Hill permit, Discussion ensued.
A motion was made by Mr. Fitzpatrick and seconded by Mr. Williams to deny the Jones Hill permit to notify them of future damage to road at owner’s expense
The motion carried 4-0
Four sealed bids for the winter sand were opened the request was for 2,500 cubic yards of Winter Sand 9/16″ or greater to be delivered to the Town Garage, the first 1,500 cubic yards to be delivered on site by November 15th. The Remaining to be delivered by request of the Road Foreman, Inspection of the sand will be conducted by the Road Commissioner & Road Foreman before the bid is awarded.

• Zaluzney- $ 14.40 per C. Y within 10Days.
• Cersosimo Industries – $ 15.25 per C. Y ¾” sand By November 15th
• Northeast Paving – $ 20.72 C.Y
• Fitzpatrick Excavating and Trucking- $ 11.25 per yard

A motion was made by Mr. van Loon to have Road Forman & Commissioner review and report back as to their recommendation Ms Huber Seconded
The motion carried 3-1

See attached report:
Mr. Williams made a motion to start the Budget meetings opposite the regular Selectboard meeting to start on October 28th Ms. Huber seconded
The motion carried 4-0
Mr. van Loon made a motion to table the email from Robert Fisher regarding NewBrook Solar Field until next regular meeting Ms. Huber Second the motion
The motion carried 4-0
A motion to accept the Administrative Assistant’s report was made by Mr. Fitzpatrick and seconded by Mr. Williams
The motion carried 4-0


Windham County Sheriff- Mark Anderson started 15 years ago at the Sheriff’s Department, he came tonight in responds to the letter of introduction. Questions of working jointly with VT State Police can create conflicts. “It really comes down to clarity of communication. Even with the current understaffing in all areas of the state law Enforcement. The Legislature is working on improving creative ways to handle rural policing.” Sheriff- Mark Anderson said. For WCS to serve the Town of Newfane, the Villages of South Newfane, Williamsville and Brookside, there is something called Bankable hours @ hourly rate $51.00. Or the other possibility is a full time deputy at $81,300.00 (40 hours a week) would provide additional service to the area. The Selectboard will be considering its options for this upcoming budget season.

Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation- Al Beck – Designed to meet the goals of strengthening business starting up, or expanding existing business. By growing workforce support, working with young adults, and high school students, with development for career placements and entry level placement, strong partnership, currently working with L.G H S is our support of the town of Newfane. We ask for your support for flexibility, to focus on resources helping existing families and young adults to stay in the area. We want to help attract more people to live in Southern Vermont, to participate in the community, the workforce and support the business and civic environment.

Jay Wilson made a recommendation regarding meeting with a group of concerned citizens.
• Road safety and signage and recommendations
• Review of the Safety Audit: that was done last year.
• Meet with them explain what can be done
• Consider future budget expense,
• Expectations
Mr. Fitzpatrick made a motion to authorize Mr. van Loon make contact to set up a meeting with a former group of concerned citizens. Action to be taken at future Meeting – Agenda

PODS: Emergency Point of Distribution – Tabled for future meeting, Is more information needed

Tree Warden:Vacancy


• Frank Suponski #542 VT RT 30 – suggest sending letter to owners of property – Mr. van Loon offered to draft a letter for the next meeting (10.21.19)
• WRC Planning Commission –
• Lake Champlain – Lori Fisher Ex. Director – “Lessons from the Flood” Recommends the book.
• Class Action – OPIOD litigation – Questionable for the attorney, or state representative Tabled for Future Meeting.

• Payroll Warrant No. 11417 in the amount of $3,735.97
• Payroll Warrant No. 11418 in the amount of $4,915.73
• Payroll Warrant No. 11419 in the amount of $5,107.90
• Accounts Payable No. 20007 in the amount of $ 271,013.54
• Accounts Payable No. 20007 A in the amount of $ 761.32
A motion was made by Mr. Williams and seconded Ms Huber to approve the pay orders.
The motion carried 4-0

A motion was made by Mr. Fitzpatrick and seconded Ms. Huber to adjourn the meeting.
The motion carried 4-0
Meeting Adjourned at 8:05 pm
Respectfully Submitted, Wannetta Powling

October 7, 2019
1. The stripping on the new pavement in the village has been completed; the speed limit will be painted on West St. this week.
2. I have a second stone mason hopefully giving us a price on the stonewall repair on Cemetery Hill Rd.
3. I should have a price coming shortly for the repair of the cracks in the steps at the town office.
4. We have the opportunity to put in a small fire pond and hydrant through the VT Rural Fire Protection Program at the town garage. This would benefit all of Depot Rd. and the town garage. If we provide the equipment to do the digging the town would have no out of pocket expenses. This would utilize the overflow from the well.
5. The cement culvert headers have been poured.
6. The Lynch Bridge bank stabilization and the realignment of the river has been completed. The Hunter Brook Rd. bank stabilization has been completed also. Both sites have been approved by Scott Jensen River Engineer.
7. Did the board decide about the plowing of the school now that it’s not a town property?
Thank You,
Jay Wilson Road Foreman
Christopher Williams Road Commissioner

October 7, 2019
• The Budgeting process will be starting soon, and if we were to do Monday opposite of Selectboard meetings the 14th is a National Holiday. Do you want the Budget meetings to start on the 28th?
• On September 18th I attended the municipal budget workshop in Montpelier. This has given me some insight as to what a process is ahead of us. I am looking forward to working on my first report.
• I have just reviewed the VLCT Insurance renewal for the Town. I will send that off tomorrow in an Email, to await a quote on the New Policy. I shall let you know when that comes in.
• Andrew Martin successfully treated the sulfur smell affecting our office water, last Wednesday.
• I have enclosed for your review the email I had from our Robert Fisher – and will await any further directions regarding this matter.

Wannetta Powling