Selectboard Minutes 6.3.2019

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June 3, 2019
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Christopher Williams, Shelly Huber, Angela Sanborn and Mike Fitzpatrick
OTHERS PRESENT: Hendrick( Pete) Van Loon, Jay Wilson, Lawrence Slason, Robert Fisher, Lynn Forrest, Thomas (Breeze) Verdant, Annie Landenberger, Ken Estey, Gloria Cristelli and Wannetta Powling.
The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Shelly Huber, Vice Chair
Motion to move Scheduled members of the Public Lawrence Slason & Robert Fisher, after the minutes were approved was made by Angela Sanborn and seconded by Michael Fitzpatrick.
The motion carried unanimously.
May 20, 2019: A motion was made by Michael Fitzpatrick and seconded by Christopher Williams to accept the minutes for May 20, 2019 Regular meeting.
The motion carried unanimously.
May 6, 2019: A motion was made by Angela Sanborn and seconded by Michael Fitzpatrick to accept the minutes for May 6, 2019 regular meeting.
The motion carried.
Road Foreman’s & Road Commissioner’s Report:
See attached report.
Opened Bids:
See attached report.
A motion to accept the administrative assistants report was made by Christopher Williams and seconded by Angela Sanborn.
The motion carried unanimously.
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Gloria Cristelli asked the boards permission to allow the South East Water Shed Alliance (SEWSA) to plant some native trees along the bank to help promote stabilization. With funds that she has available from SEWSA. Gloria also advised the board of the importance of Education and the battles of Japanese Knot weed that has taken over in different areas since the Hurricane Irene Storm. It was agreed by the board to allow posting of the Dangers and Prevention’s of The Japanese Knot weed.
Thomas (Breeze) Verdant presented a study that he had put together regarding using different methods of traffic studies, which by speaking up something may get done. It is frustrating that by paving roads people go fast thru the villages during the evening when it is dark and hard to see. The state of VT safety expert came thru the town and gave a example of recommendation, Ulster, NY has an 8″ speed bump that seems to work well in NY – Jay & I met briefly and I understand that there is a possess that there needs to go thru. Further discussion ensued – A further meeting will be held after the Safety Study report results come in. The study is scheduled for June 20-27 2019.
Mr. Van Loon presented to the Administrative Assistant a letter of interest to server in the vacant seat on the Selectboard until the March 2020 elections.
Michael Fitzpatrick made motion to accept the nomination of Hendrick (Pete) Van Loon to the Selectboard until the March 2020 elections. Angela Sanborn Seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.
Lawrence Slason,
Robert Fisher,
Gloria Cristelli – Japanese Knot Weed & Planting Native Trees on Adams Hill Road.
Manitou DRB August 7, 2018
Lynn Forrest brought to the Selectboard an email she had received form an Individual asking permission to film the meetings of the Planning commission and the process the Town would need to go thru in order to change the Bylaws to allow Green Burial in Resource Districts. The Selectboard is not at this time considering changing the Bylaws. There would be no further need to pursue this request. A letter will be sent to the Videographer and to cc: the DRB and Planning commission explaining this.
VT Dept. of Buildings & General Services of the Commissioner regarding grant opportunities available Recreational Faculties Grants $ 200,000
Human Services Facilities Grant $100,000
Educational Facilities Grant $100,000
Regional Economic Development Grants $200,000
A letter was received from the Animal Control Officer resigning the position as of May 28, 2019.
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• Payroll Warrant No. 11398 in the amount of $4,045.93
• Payroll Warrant No. 11399 in the amount of $4,896.13
• Payroll Warrant No. 11400 in the amount of $6,328.21
A motion was made by Angela Sanborn and seconded Michael Fitzpatrick to approve the pay orders.
The motion carried unanimously.
A motion was made by Shelly Huber and seconded Michael Fitzpatrick to adjourn the meeting.
The motion carried unanimously.
Meeting Adjourned at 8:30 pm
Respectfully Submitted,
Wannetta Powling
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June 3, 2019
1. The wetlands meeting with the State Wetlands Coordinator is scheduled for June 11th for the town garage property.
2. White lines were painted Friday night.
3. The stop bars were painted last week at the Arch Bridge.
4. Guard rail work was rescheduled because of weather to Thursday and Friday of this week.
5. Engineering bids for the Sand/Salt shed project were due Friday and will be reviewed on June 12th
6. The board needs to sign the ‘Letter of intent’ to participate in the Grants-in-Aid program.
7. The bids for Hunter Brook Rd. were due today and we have those to open.
8. The bids for paving were also due today and we have those to open.
9. Windham Regional has the speed study scheduled for June 20th with three counters at locations on Dover Rd. The counters will be in place for a week.
10. We will be beginning the Sunset Lake Rd. work later this week.
Thank You,
Jay Wilson Road Foreman
Christopher Williams Road Commissioner
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JUNE 3, 2019
Paving Bid
1.) Springfield Paving Claremont, NH Total Bid $ 12,261.25
2.) All States Asphalt, Inc. Sunderland, MA (Did not submit a Bid at this time)
The Selectboard was able to award to SPRINGFIELD PAVING this paving job.
Hunter Brook Road Repair Stabilization
1. A.S. Clark & Sons Newfane, VT Total Bid $24,800.00
2. Fitzpatrick Excavating Wardsboro, VT Total Bid $ 9,800.00
3. BELLCO Excavating Brattleboro, VT Total Bid $63,400.00
4. MT3 Unlimited LLC Guilford, VT Total Bid $73,175.00
The Hunter Brook Road Repair Stabilization Bids have been sent to the VTRANS for review and they will be awarding this bid according to their job specifications.
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June 3, 2019
I received and email from Wade Masure / Adam Davis from VLCT loss control follow up- on the Williamsville Hall Inspection and Recommendations from February 1st, 2019. And they have closed the finale three recommendations.
We have been approved for the ($2710.) 50% of the installation of the fire alarm system at the Williamsville Hall, total estimate was for $5420.
I included part of Steve Levine’s responds below. FYI
(After the inspection Jay Wilson contacted me about three of the issues that needed to be addressed.
1. An extension cord taped to the floor near the piano. It has been removed.
2. The exit light in the cellar at the rear staircase. It has been replaced, by a licensed electrician, with a new unit.
3. There was no banister on the stairs going from the utility room to the cellar. There is now a banister installed by Clark Todd. I hope this helps.)
I was asked to by the board to do some research on the Michael Mayer property for the Green Burial, on Sunset Lake Road. I contacted Jennifer Garret @ VT Land Trust, it is her understanding thru Michael that he is ask for the smaller parcel next to the Manitou Project to be approved for the Green Burial. There answer would be the same for both properties – because they own the Development Rights. They would only be looking at this on a case by case if the Town approved the change. The Town attorney sent Michael a letter from the DRB stating that at this time they were not prepared to change the Bylaws. He can appeal by getting 5% of the registered voters to sign a petition, and present it to the Selectboard for reconsideration.
While I was doing all of this research I also found Selectboard minutes from December 17, 2018 when Ken McFadden Chair of the NewBrook School Board was present to discuss the recent Act 46 merger- all school property will be signed over to the New West River Modified Union Education District. I found the contract on line and would like to bring this to the Boards attention Page 19 Article 7- Real & Personal Property. Ken McFadden can in today to answer questions, he is recommending we again speak with our attorney regarding the “Fourth Quarter Play” he is scheduled to sign the documents for the transfer of the property to the West River Modified Union Education District on June 13th. To see if anything can be done to reclaim the Solar Field property and the $26,000 annual revenue from Pepco Electric/ Solar.
Respectfully Submitted,
Wannetta Powling