Selectboard Minutes June 1, 2020


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Marion Dowling, Shelly Huber, Angela Sanborn, Michael Fitzpatrick and Christopher Williams,

OTHERS PRESENT: Jay Wilson, Melissa Brown, Sheriff Mark Anderson, Lieutenant Anthony French, Lynn Forrest, BCTV, and Wannetta Powling.

CALL TO ORDER: The Zoom meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chair Marion Dowling.


A motion was made by Ms. Sanborn to move the scheduled members to the top of the agenda. Ms. Huber seconded.


Sheriff Mark Anderson of the Windham County Sheriffs office, Lieutenant Anthony French of the Vermont State Troopers were both invited to meet with the Selectboard to discuss the current law enforcement and future contract options.  Both of the officers answered questions of public safety, criminal investigations, motor vehicles stops and traffic control in the villages of South Newfane, Williamsville and Brookside.  The Selectboard will consider the contract options on the next agenda.


A motion was made by Ms. Sanborn to approve the May 4, 2020 minutes, Ms. Huber seconded.

Motion Passed.

A motion was made by Ms. Sanborn to “Table until amended” the May 18, 2020 minutes Ms. Huber seconded.

Motion Passed.


  1. The crack sealing of the pavement went very well, sealing was done on Depot. Rd, Dover Rd. and Auger Hole Rd.
  2. The guard rail work was completed on the two new Hunter Brook Bridges and we started at the bottom of Depot Rd. and repaired the first 990 feet.
  3. The town attorney has the information to prepare the easements for the Depot Rd. box culvert.
  4. The plans for the Sand/Salt shed have been updated again.
  5. The plans for the Depot Rd. box culvert have been updated again also. Once we get the easements signed that will continue to move along.
  6. The meeting with Northeast Municipal for the Hazmat and Safety at the garage went well we identified the top 3 area to work on first. These would be the items that VOSHA writes the largest fines for.
  7. We had the mandatory pre-bid meeting at Monroe Bridge this past Tuesday; we had one bidder we should have the bid to open at Monday’s meeting.
  8. There is enough money in the budget to go ahead and purchase another traffic radar sign to move from one location to another including S. Wardsboro Road.

A motion was made by Mr. Williams to approve the purchase of a new traffic sign. Ms. Huber seconded.

Motion Passed.

  1. There are several dead Ash trees in 2 different cemeteries’ that is not easily assessable. The State of Vermont Forest and Parks have advising us to take inventory of the Ash trees in the right of way, our inventory of these are in the 1,400 +/-. There needs to be a plan to remove these trees over the next fee years, before they become infected with the Emerald Ash Bore.

The Monroe Bridge Rehabilitation Bid was opened.

  1. Neil Daniels, Inc. (d/b/a Daniels Construction) Ascutney, VT / Bid   $ 561,970.00

Discussion ensued regarding the budgeted amount, recommendation to speak with VTrans, Marc Pickering.

A motion was made by Ms. Huber to have Jay speak with Marc Pickering tomorrow, and allow Road Foreman to follow any new speck recommendations from VTrans, Road Foreman & Road Commission decision as to a new bid being sent out Mr. Fitzpatrick seconded.

Motion Passed.


Town Owned Property – I have completed gathering all the information needed for selling off the four Town-owned properties. I emailed everything off to Bob Fisher. I also emailed you what Bob sent back to me for the Board to sign and then we can put it in the Brattleboro Reformer. I think it is best that we advertise this in Saturdays issue; hopefully it will be seen by more people.

The information I gathered was; I calculated for each property what was sold at tax sale, plus what would have been owed to the town after the tax sales were completed. I researched back to see what the attorney fees were for doing the tax sales. I also pulled all the deeds for the properties. Doris printed me out all the Lister Card’s along with maps to the properties.

The reason I wanted the maps was so I could send out letters to all the abutting owners of the properties that are for sale. I figured that it would be a good idea to let them know the property that adjoins theirs will be up for sale in case they are interested. I will also send them a copy of the maps to show them which property is being sold, the minimum bid amount, plus the date the bids have to be in by.

You will notice that one of the properties does not have a minimum bid amount. The reason for that is because the property was sold back in 1986 for tax sale. We would never be able to sell the property for all the back taxes to recoup our loss. Per my discussion with Bob, it was best to just sell it for best offer.

The sealed bids will need to be in by July 6th for the Selectboard to open them.

Other Work – I have completed my VT State and VMER’s monthly reporting. All payroll, accounts payable and taxes are still being done daily. I will start going through all of my accounts and reports seeing as I am getting ready to close the year out at the end of this month. I will be making sure everything is balanced and doing my end of the year journal entries.

A motion was made by Ms. Sanborn to approve the treasurer’s report. Ms. Huber seconded.

Motion Passed.


  1. I wrote the letters as request and I’m grateful for the quick responses from both the VT State Police and the Windham County Sheriff’s Department and agreeing to attend tonight’s Selectboard meeting.
  2. I have had several meetings with the Selectboard Chair.
  • Discuss the purchasing policy and the need to review overdue updates.
  • This week’s agenda
  • Scheduling items for future Agendas
  1. Meetings with road foreman regarding current updates and issues with DMV vehicle registration. Currently registration renewals are being returned to DMV due to the incorrect PO Box # on file at DMV.
  2. Building Committee meeting –
  • Research was done regarding permits and State regulations for the proposed 27′ X 30′ addition to Town Hall. This is both complex and time consuming. The town could be better served by hiring a knowledgeable engineer to handle these permits and to be sure that state regulations are followed, or there could be severe financial penalties, and unnecessary delays.
  1. I used ½ day on Wednesday 20th (sick).  ½ day on Thursday the 28th (personal).

A motion was made by Ms. Sanborn to approve the administrative assistants report. Ms. Huber seconded.

Motion Passed.


Town Office vote from May 18th meeting to have bids from engineers was done in error. Professional services section on page three of the Purchasing policy excludes certain highly professional services from the required need for additional bids.  Cotton Designs has existing knowledge of work they have done in past years and as such should be considered both knowledgeable and qualified to do work at town hall.

Explanation of the permit process to get approved a needs engineer stampeded approval of the plans before state fire marshal would approve permit.  The Selectboard asked for additional information and plans to be provided for the next meeting.

A motion was made Ms. Sanborn to make all plans available to and to further consider if this is right time to consider building such an addition Mr. Fitzpatrick seconded.


Selectboard use of Town Attorney service invoice was included for discussion.

Action to be taken by the board is to be mindful of the need to call the attorney and that it should be a board recommendation as need for town business.




  • Accounts Payable 20025 in the amount of $38,438.38
  • Accounts Payroll 11453 in the amount of $ 4,908.34
  • Accounts Payroll 11454 in the amount of $ 5,826.04

A motion was made by Mr. Williams and seconded by Mr. Fitzpatrick to approve the pay orders.  The motion carried.


A motion was made by Mr. Williams to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.

Respectfully Submitted, Wannetta Powling


**We are committed to the mandate issued by the Government regarding COVID 19 -Please Stay Safe.