Selectboard Minutes, Monday July 20, 2020


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Marion Dowling, Shelly Huber, Michael Fitzpatrick and Christopher Williams.  Absent: Angela Sanborn

OTHERS PRESENT: Jay Wilson, Ken Estey, John Morrison, Larry Gould, Sierra Pratt, BCTV, Wannetta Powling and Nolan Edgar (Phone)

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chair Marion Dowling.


A motion was made by Ms. Dowling to move Scheduled Members of the Public up on the agenda, to follow the approval of minutes.

Additional topic to discuss tonight – Safety concerns at the swimming area on Route 30.


A motion was made by Mr. Fitzpatrick to approve the July 6, 2020 minutes with corrections. Mr. Williams seconded.   Motion Passed.


Sierra Pratt- was the only person that was interested in the account reconciliations that was posted on the Town web site.  She was invited to meet with the Selectboard and provided her resume and references.  This is a part time position that pays fifty dollars to reconcile the bank statements once a month.  The treasurer will be training Ms. Pratt on the program that will she will need.

A motion was made by Mr. Williams to hire Sierra Pratt as a part time reconciler of accounts. Mr. Fitzpatrick seconded.   Ms. Huber Opposed. Motion Passed 3/1.


  1. Daniels Construction has begun work on the Monroe Bridge.
  2. The Wiswall Hill Rd site that Scott Jensen visited came back that it requires a 10’ wide 7’ high structure after doing a hydraulic study. It can be either a box culvert or a corrugated arch; it also would require a flood table above the culvert to allow high water room to spread out. Due to the large expense of this project do you want to pursue a mitigation grant?
  3. The Depot Rd Culvert easements have had some changes by the state; they are being reviewed by Bob Fisher.
  4. The Sand/ Salt Shed project doesn’t have much new; I am in the process of getting the town permit filed.
  5. The Safety and Hazardous Material plan for the garage is complete. We are now going to schedule training. I will also have some expenses for the flammable cabinet and some other personal protective equipment.

Recommendation to do another speed study this fall to see if the changes that were imposed have had an effect on traffic.

Ms. Huber recommended that the traffic Liaison be notified that the State recommendations’ were met.

Kenney Pond spillway – vehicles are making sharp turns causing further damage of erosions.

Logging purposes on the end of Cushing Flat Road this bridge is less than 20′ and does not fall under approval of the Town of Newfane’s bridge standards.  As part of their responsibilities the logging company was instructed to have an engineer inspect the bridge to confirm the structural integrity of the bridge to withstand the weight of logging trucks. The name of Loggers was unclear; But George Weir is the known forester. Mr. Wilson will contact the Logging Company in order for the Selectboard to send a letter outlining the needs of responsibility prior to any damage incurred due to the structural integrity of the -20′ bridge.

Mr. Williams made a recommendation to move John Morrison and Larry Gould next on the agenda, the matter of their attendance is in relationship to the roads.

A motion was made by Mr. Fitzpatrick to approve the Road Foreman’s report Ms. Huber seconded.

Motion Passed.

John Morrison & Larry Gould – requested permission of the Selectboard to use access of the Town trail off the end of Wiswall Hill Road. They have agreed to make improvements to 1000′ of the trail to allow vehicles to access the beginning of the trail. Beyond the town line there is no trail all the way into Townshend is privately owned.  Permission was granted by the Selectboard providing that they did not restrict others from accessing the trails. Administrative Assistant was requested to send written confirmation to Mr. Gould of the Selectboard’s decision to approve access to the Newfane Trail.   Mr. Williams made a motion to authorize the Chair to sign the letter.  Mr. Fitzpatrick seconded. Motion Passed.

A motion was made by Mr. Fitzpatrick seconded by Mr. Williams to approve access to the Newfane Trail.

Motion Passed.

Ken Estey of the Newfane Planning Commission was in attendance to nominate and support the interests of Nolan Edgar, to be appointed to the Newfane Planning Commission.

Nolan Edgar attended the meeting via telephone to address the Selectboard with his letter of interest to serve as a new member of the Newfane Planning Commission.  Mr. Edgar answered some questions that were addressed him by the Selectboard. Mr. Edgar is a resident of Newfane and works in Brattleboro at the BCTV station.  The Selectboard thanked Mr. Edgar for his interest and willingness to serve the community.

A motion was made by Mr. Fitzpatrick to accept the nomination of Mr. Edgar to the Newfane Planning Commission. It was seconded by seconded by Mr. Williams.

Motion Passed.


  • I assisted the DRB (Development Review Board) with legal notices and mailings letters for the Public Hearing they will be holding on July 30, 2020 @6:30 pm. This will be a Zoom Meeting and those interested in attending can call 365-7772 Ext 4 for the zoom information.

The applicant is seeking approval for change of use from part time residence to wellness retreat / nature retreat, at 25 Moss Hollow, in Newfane VT.

  • I have updated drafts of two Policies for the board to review. The 1st is for the Financial Policy. These changes will include that Newfane does not accept Wire Transfers as an acceptable form of payment.  This is due to federal regulations under the “Bank Secrecy Act” and OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control.) The 2nd is for the Animal Control Policy that has not been updated in a number of years.
  • I made contact with the applicants that had requested Special Appropriations, but had not received payment. The Treasurer needed these requests in order to close out and balance the books. You will find the last of them in tonight’s account payable.
  • The company that does the random drug testing changed their name from Occupational Drug Testing. It is now called “DISA Global Solutions” and they are from Manchester NH. I needed to reregister the Town and Highway crew. This information is in the DER (Designated Employee Representative) folder in the files.

The Selectboard said that letters need to be sent to the people who submitted the bids for Tax Sale

A motion was made by Mr. Williams to approve the Administrative Assistant report Mr. Fitzpatrick seconded. Motion Passed.




Review updates to the Financial Policy and Animal Control Policy.

Discussion ensued.  Copies were provided for the Board to review. A motion was made by Mr. Fitzpatrick to table until next meeting on August 3rd. Ms. Dowling seconded.

Motion Passed.


Ms. Huber read allowed  the email which was sent from Windham Regional Commission of the program available to those that were affected by the COVID 19. Additional information is available on VHFA website VSHA.


Road Foreman Jay Wilson’s evaluation will be done by Road Commission Christopher Williams and Michael Fitzpatrick. They will meet together before August 3rd.

Ms. Huber volunteered and Ms. Sanborn was recommended to do Administrative Assistant’s Wannetta Powling evaluation, and then provide the information to the rest of the Board members.

Listers have estimated that the new Tax Bills will be sent by the end of July. They would like the Selectboard to set the new Tax Date of September 8th.

Ms. Huber made a motion to set the new Tax Date of September 8th. Mr. Fitzpatrick seconded.

Motion Passed.


There are Safety concerns at the swimming area at the intersection of Route 30 and the Williamsville Station Road, better known as “Indian Love Call.”   There are concerns addressing the Safety Procedures, Social Distancing and masks not being worn at these over populated swimming areas.  Adding to the Risk of COVID 19 being spread is adding undue stress on the Emergency Personal answering calls to this area.  There have been increased calls for Rescue, and VT State Troopers.

A letter will be drafted and mailed to our local State Representative Emily Long, as well as Vermont Senators, Dummerston Selectboard, Rock River Preservation, VTrans and Governor Scott will be drafted expressing concerns and asking for recommendations to help protect the local residents, our community and the State.


Honoring the life of Gary Delius, for his dedication to Newfane and the years he served on the Selectboard Honored and Development Review Board.

Each Board member shared bits of Wisdom and Wit they remembered about time spent with Gary both in public and private conversations.

Ken Estey participated with honors of Gary.


Windham Regional Commission sent a letter expressing appreciation and gratitude for 45 years of service to the Town of Newfane and The Commission.  The Selectboard would like to have this acknowledgement framed and place on display in the Newfane Town Office.


Dennis Wiswall – Submitted a letter of resignation from the Listers Office, noting health concerns and COVID 19 safety concerns. With regret the Selectboard accepted the letter, and asked that the Administrative Assistant send a thank you letter for his service.


  • Accounts Payable 21002 in the amount of $41,350.28
  • Accounts Payroll 11459 in the amount of $ 6,438.05
  • Accounts Payroll 11460 in the amount of $ 4,254.30
  • Accounts Payroll 11461 in the amount of $ 4,254.34


A motion was made by Mr. Williams and seconded by Ms. Huber to approve the pay orders.

The motion carried.


A motion was made by Mr. Williams to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted, Wannetta Powling