Selectboard Minutes Monday October 19, 2020 Zoom


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Marion Dowling, Michael Fitzpatrick, Angela Sanborn and Shelly Huber.  Absent: Christopher Williams,

OTHERS PRESENTChris White Dan Dewalt, Maralee Chris, Alan Grinold Alex Beck. Jay Wilson, Toni, Jeryl Julian, BCTV and Wannetta Powling.

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chair Marion Dowling.



October 5, 2020 Regular meeting Ms. Sanborn made a motion to accept the minutes, Mr. Fitzpatrick seconded.      4/0 Motion passed.

October 13, 2020 Budget meeting Ms. Sanborn made a motion to accept the minutes, Ms. Huber seconded.      4/0 Motion passed.


  1. The top soil pile at the garage has generated a little interest at $12 per yard is that something you’re interested in.  Discussion ensued 
  2. Mr. Fitzpatrick made a motion to sell topsoil @$12, Ms. Sanborn seconded.  4/0 Motion passed
  3.  undercoating of the town vehicles was completed today.
  4. The Depot Rd Culvert update: We are making progress on one of the easements.
  5. The Road Safety Audit draft report for Newfane Village has been sent out today, there are a couple changes to make before they send out the final audit.
  6. The Sand/Salt shed update: The Easement letter has been sent to the town attorney for him to complete.
  7. The gravel crushing in the So. Newfane yard has been completed. We have been putting that on the roads in S. Newfane.

Ms. Sanborn made a motion to accept the Road Foreman’s report, Mr. Fitzpatrick seconded.

Motion passed 4/0


  • We have had a number of Dog calls the past few weeks. With the amount of time involved the Board recommended I contact neighboring Towns to inquire if they would be willing to share their ACO with Newfane. I mailed out 6 letters on Friday, I learned today that WCSD may hire a “Regional Animal Control Officer” to help cover these vacancies. I will let the Selectboard know when I have more information.
  • We have great response to the Data Entry ad; our advertisement indicated today is the deadline for submitting your resume. I want to thank everyone who took the time to submit a letter and resume.  The Selectboard & the Listers will be reviewing and interviewing, we hope to announce our selection to the public at the Nov. 2nd Selectboard meeting.
  • We received the financial Audit Report from Sullivan & Powers today- The reports are in your mailbox. This report will also be included as part of the Town Report.
  • The monitor, webcam and wall mounting brackets, have been ordered and will be here this week. This will be to benefit the Selectboard to hold virtual meetings here at Town Office. This will be beneficial for those seeking appropriations to attend via Zoom. It will also allow us to do more trainings & webinars from VLCT & the State of Vermont.
  • From Montpelier –
  • The Vermont Department of Labor announced Thursday, October 1, 2020 an increase to the State’s minimum wage. Beginning January 1, 2021, the State’s minimum wage will increase $0.79, from $10.96 to $11.75 per hour. The calculation for this increase is in accordance with Act 86 of the 2019 Vermont General Assembly.  For more information about the Vermont Department of Labor, visit:
  • 54 Cannabis Sales to Become Law on Oct. 7, 2020.It’s been in the works for years and now a bill has been passed: a tax-and-regulate system for recreational cannabis in Vermont. They will look at how the law will work the timeline for retail sales and some of the ongoing questions about whether the law adequately addresses social justice issues.

Ms. Huber made a motion to accept the Administrative Assistant’s report, Mr. Fitzpatrick seconded.   Motion passed 4/0


Social Services funds request qualifications/ for town appropriation considerations.

 Sarah Lang – Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation

Chris White – South Eastern Vermont Watershed Alliance

Dan Dewalt – Restorative Justice




Penner Road – Request by Brian Hesslin October 5, 2020 to turn the end of Penner Road into a Private Road.

Discussion ensued.

It was determined that there is a need for the Selectboard to do a site visit to make informed decision.


Maralee Chris – Request for choosing a name for private road off upper end of “River Road” (Horseshoe Lane)   Discussion ensued.

Motion made by Mr. Fitzpatrick to allow the resident Maralee Chris to choose the name “Hope Road” as a private road name, motion was seconded by Ms. Huber.

Motion Passed.

Resident will follow up by contacting the Zoning Administrator for a 911 Emergency Address.


Zoning Administrator – Proposed Fee Increases.

Sam Kilmaurray – Does the Selectboard plan on making posting or holding a press conference to read the statement?

Angela Sanborn –Guidelines for Halloween


  1. Accounts Payable No. # 21008                         Amount  $  34,623.55
  2. Payroll Warrant # 11475                                Amount  $ 6,609.42
  3. Payroll Warrant # 11476                                Amount  $ 4,337.28
  4. Payroll Warrant # 11477                                Amount  $ 4,460.97


Motion to adjourn was made by Mr. Fitzpatrick @ 7:45 pm.

Respectfully Administrative Assistant

Wannetta Powling