Selectboard Minutes Monday September 21, 2020

Unapproved Draft

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Marion Dowling, Michael Fitzpatrick, Christopher Williams, Angela Sanborn and Shelly Huber.

OTHERS PRESENT:  (Zoom)   Sidney, Galen Robinson, Baman Mahdavi, Mamadou Cisse, Jeryl Julian Cisse Apple Gifford, Tristam Johnson, Howard Weiss- Tisman, Dan Dewalt, Eleien  Bronstein, Fiona Creed Chealier, Joanne Norenberg, Wichie Artu, Thomas Ely,  Suzanne Paugh,  Susan Gunther Mohr, Kate Gehring, Juliett Carr,  Joann Nerenberg, David, Anngolob, Brenda Siegle,  Suzanne Paugh, Alicia Bono, Kimberly McCormick, David, Caroline Knownley, Chris White, Troy Kane, Jay Wilson, BCTV and Wannetta Powling

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chair Marion Dowling.




September 8, 2020 Regular meeting Ms. Sanborn made a motion to accept the minutes, Ms. Huber seconded.  5/0 Motion passed.


  1. Daniels Construction got into poor concrete on the underside of the deck where the trough would be mounted than the state expected. I have been in touch with Marc Pickering from VTRANS and the VTRANS bridge person Sven, the recommendation from both is to do the extra work now while they are working onsite. I have attached some pictures and the estimate.

Mr. Fitzpatrick made a motion to approve the additional expense $150,000 with the additional 6 weeks needed for the competition.  Ms. Sanborn seconded.  Motion Passed.

  1. I have the Grants-in-Aid letter of intent for you to sign. This will enable us to continue getting money for the Clean Water Act.
  2. The Depot Rd Culvert still waiting for the easements to be signed and returned.
  3. There is a Road Safety Audit being done tomorrow September 22nd at 1:00 pm. for Newfane Village which will include RT 30 and West St. We will start at the Town Office meeting outside and then walk up to the village.
  4. We need to put the Winter Sand Bid I have attached a copy of the bid.
  5. The Sand/Salt shed has nothing new to report.
  6. VTRANS is going to put out their own speed cart on RT 30 in Newfane Village. It will spend a couple weeks in Town; there is no cost to us.
  7. Are you interested in getting the trucks undercoated again this year?

Mr. Fitzpatrick agreed to have the vehicles undercoated. 5/0 Motion Passed.

Mr. Fitzpatrick made a motion to accept the Road Foreman’s report. Ms. Sanborn seconded.

5/0 Motion Passed.

Mr. Fitzpatrick made a motion to authorize the Selectboard to sign the form for Municipal Road Grants & Aid Program Mr. Williams seconded. 5/0 Motion passed.


  • Appropriations appointments starting in mid October to meet with the Selectboard are being scheduled. Would the Board like this to be a standard consideration for anyone that request funds for appropriations present their requests in person with a description of services, and the number of residents served in Newfane & the Villages of S Newfane, Brookside & Williamsville?

Ms. Huber agreed that everyone follows a standard to qualify for funds appropriations requests. By coming into meet with the Selectboard and to include how they have served the town and villages of Newfane.  Ms. Dowling did not call for a vote.

  • Enclosed is the cost of the Large screen TV Monitor for continued Zoom meetings. This can also be used for Training’s & Webinars. 70” Samsung flat screen monitor, wall bracket and web cam $948.00.

Ms. Dowling made a motion to table until the first budget meeting to review the balance in the budget. Ms. Sanborn seconded.  Mr. Fitzpatrick would like to see this issue resolved ASAP – via Town Office Improvements.

Ms. Huber made a motion to accept the Administrative Assistants report. Ms. Sanborn seconded.

5/0 Motion Passed.


Rock River Preservation Board –Thom Chiofalo , Troy Kane and Chris White R.R.P. board members wanted to enlighten the Newfane Selectboard   and the residents of Newfane on the progress that has occurred over the past few months. Information on website regarding the COVID 19 restrictions, having created “River Stewards” local people that help enforce the traditional values of nature. The Board with help from volunteers have upgrading the (17) trails, including blazing a trail for the NBFD & Rescue to have emergency access to the 5th beach, they have removed logs to allow passage for emergency ATV access.   With 19 acres and 5 different swimming holes that make up Rock River Preservation.  The motto of “Carry in carry out and to leave it better than when you got here” This has helped make a significant impact on the individuals and family’s that come to enjoy the swimming area for generations.

  • Works closely with SEVWA testing the quality of water.
  • Would prefer to be an asset to Newfane
  • Shares information regarding COVID 19 and has concerns on the number of people coming to the area.
    1. 1st step was signage “Masks required” Handed out Mask to visitors.
    2. Happy to report no increase in spread of COVID/ second home owners.
  • Noted No Fires allowed
  • Decrease number of parking illegally
  • Parking solution may have made it worse, for those that go to West River, not the Rock River now have to cross Route 30.

Rock River Preservation would like to ask the Selectboard to reconsider the parking restrictions for next season.






Budget Season Schedule:  Was suggested that this be tabled until the October 5th meeting.

Respond to 7.21.20 VT State Troopers Letter – participation in shaping the law enforcement changes and approach to policing in Newfane and across Vermont.  Tabled until October 5th at which time the Board will come up with a draft to send to Lt. French in responds to Lieutenant French letter of invitation to participate in shape the policing norm in Windham County and across the state.

Town of Newfane adopt a statement based on the requests of so many written letters and electronic signatures

Ms. Sanborn made a motion to have the Newfane Selectboard adopt the statement.  Ms. Dowling seconded

Luke Stafford & others crafted the brief statement proposed to the Selectboard for consideration.

The Town of Newfane condemns hate speech, prejudice, and acts intended to induce fear in any person based on their identity.  We are a community of diverse backgrounds and opinions, and we draw strength from it.  Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and feel safe in our beautiful town.

Discussion ensued. A call for the Vote was asked for by Ms. Dowling 5/0 Motion Passed.


Selectboard to fill vacancy of the Lister – There are no residents to date who have expressed interest.  The question proposed to the Selectboard if this position should be a hired position to fill the elected vacancy until next election?

Is this something that should be hired to fill the Vacancy until the next Election.

– Charter would need to be changed in order to hire for position.

We need to consider this right now and we may need to get this additional information from Ms. Knechtel, find out what they would be looking for from this specific position and are there going to be benefits involved. Will this be considered data entry person? The Selectboard will consider the next steps.


Luke Stafford & 240 (electronic) signatures –Requesting that the Selectboard make a statement similar to one Previously presented (on September 8th) regarding racial incidents & acts of vandalism in Newfane.

Lauri & Kevin Minor– Personal opinion of Selectboard, support for the Town to make a public statement.

Apple Gifford – Writing to express support for the new statement condemning hate speech in the Town of Newfane

Chris Webb & 4 supporters of statement – Take a vocal stand that hate is not welcome in Windham County’s County seat

Deborah Luskin- Urge the Selectboard to issue the Statement

Amy Blazej – Suggest you actively condemn the racism that has happened in Newfane

Thomas Ely -Urge you to adopt this statement

Bert Picard– Speak up and clearly condemn the racist vandalism

Samantha Kilmaurray – to confirm topic “Racist Graffiti” on the agenda

Paul Webber –hope that you can educate yourselves to catch up with the times

Robert Hamm– Should the Newfane Selectboard adopts the resolution condemning? Hope that you would

Luke Stafford –make it clear that anonymous displays of intimidation will never be okay..

State of Vermont Highway Division – Final Plans for advertise the project for construction, advertising date 11.4.20 construction in the spring of 2021



  1. Payroll Warrant # 11472                                                 Amount  $  4,357.38
  2. Payroll Warrant # 11473                                 Amount  $ 4,298.28
  3. Accounts Payable No. # 21006                 Amount  $  33,537.19

ADJOURN:   Motion to adjourn was made by Mr. Williams @ 8:36 pm.

Respectfully Administrative Assistant

Wannetta Powling