Selectboard Special Meeting Minutes – August 22, 2012



August 22, 2012 

Board Members Present: Jon Mack, Priscilla Cotton, Gloria Cristelli, Todd Lawley

Absent: Chris Druke (Chris Druke arrived at 2:10 p.m.)

Others Present: Patricia Grace, Administrative Assistant


The meeting was called to order at 2:01 p.m. by Jon Mack, Chair.

One of the topics to discuss was the contract for the independent contractor, Christina Moore. The contract needed to be set up in accordance with the State regulations.

Jon suggested that we set a maximum dollar amount of $10,000.00, to be paid bi-weekly. He states that Christina controls her own manner and conduct of work. The Selectboard doesn’t tell her how to do her work. Jon circulated the proposed draft contract to the Selectboard members.

Jon called the Town of Halifax and their response was nothing but praise from the Chair of the Selectboard on Christina’s work.

Jon reported that FEMA would reimburse the town up to 3% of a large project for administrative costs.

A discussion ensued.

A motion was made by Priscilla Cotton and seconded by Gloria Cristelli to accept the contract that was presented by Jon Mack and give him the authority to add the scope of work and not to exceed

-$10,000.00. The motion carried unanimously.

Priscilla stated that Christina has agreed to be at the first meeting of each month.  Jon suggested that Christina give a weekly update of her work to Pat Grace.  Jon will discuss the importance of either Christina or Bill Moore to attend the Selectboard meetings.  Jon will confirm with Christina whether she is billing the Town of Newfane when attending the meetings, and if so, to attend only one meeting a month and to only be attended by either Christina or Bill.

September Meeting Date/Time Changes

Jon reported that he would not be available for evening Selectboard meetings during the month of September, due to another commitment.  A discussion ensued.

A motion was made by Priscilla and seconded by Gloria to move the Selectboard meetings to Wednesdays, September 5, 2012 at 2:30 p.m. and September 19, 2012 with a scheduled start time of 6:30 p.m. The motion passed unanimously.

Jon will talk with Maureen to discuss the possibility of her attending one of those meetings.

Jon requested Pat to get the meetings change information for the Newfane website and BCTV.

Alternate Project

Jon sent an email to Jason Jackson about the alternate project, specifically referring to Charles Williams, and saying that Charles had given us the impression that we had 18 months to make the request and that we were under the impression that he had already made the request.  Jon also put in a call to Charles Williams and Jon heard nothing from him.  Christina Moore told Jon that Jason Jackson was the highest ranking FEMA representative in the State.  Jon requested clarification from Jason Jackson of what constitutes a request and what explicitly is needed for requesting alternate projects. Jason said that he would get back to Jon by the close of business on Monday.  That did not happen so Jon wrote to Jason again saying that the board was meeting today at 2:00 p.m. Jon proceeded to read Jason’s response to the Selectboard.  Jon had also forwarded the information to the board members.

Jon reported that he has been in contact with the property owner and he has entered into negotiations with the Selectboard and he has given Jon a reasonable figure.  The owner is looking for the base money plus he’s looking to cover his tax expenses for the sale price of approximately $157,000.00 and to recover approximately $12,000.00 of lost of wages since the flood.  Jon stated that we would have to go to the Town for the money.  The value that the Board would achieve, doing the alternate project, significantly exceeds the money that we would be paying for the land, in that the money that is available to the town exceeds $455,000.00.

Jon stated that we have a draft that explains some of the projects that have been proposed and he has no specific instructions from Jason Jackson .

Jon also suggested that we put in a clause in that the proposal is dependant-on the Town’s approval and whether the Town decides to build the bridge instead.

The property owner stated that, if the Selectboard ever changed the decision about rebuilding the bridge that the Town would sell the property, the owner wants the first right of refusal.

A discussion ensued.

Jon said that the Board would have to write a formal letter on Town stationery to FEMA and send it

certified to ensure that they have our formal notification of our intent for alternative projects.

Jon also added that we won’t decommission the road until we buy the property owner’s house.

Jon presented the alternate projects on a white board to the Selectboard.

Jon stated that grants are federal money and do not require town approval for decisions.

Todd made a motion and it was seconded by Gloria to have Jon draft a letter to FEMA to present the

alternate projects, as presented to the Selectboard, pending the Town’s approval of the projects.

The motion carried unanimously.


Todd made the motion and it was seconded by Priscilla to adjourn at 3:25 p.m.  The motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Grace, Administrative Assistant