Selectboard Special Meeting Minutes January 13, 2020

January 13, 2020

Special Meeting

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Hendrik van Loon, Shelly Huber, Michael Fitzpatrick, Christopher Williams, and Angela Sanborn.

OTHERS PRESENT: Jay Wilson, Melissa Brown, Frank Suponski and Wannetta Powling.

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chair Hendrik van Loon.


Minutes of the January 6th regular meeting to be reviewed at the January 18th meeting


Mr. Suponski was in attendance to discuss the Animal Control Officer and the Assistant Health Officer Budget request. Mr. Suponski has concerns for the rate paid for the Animal Control Officer, to respond to calls. Also the issue’s of transporting dogs to the Windham County Humane Society on weekends and after hours.

  • Perhaps the Town would consider charging a fee for the animal control officer to answer a nuisance call, and if there is sufficient reason to issue a ticket.

A motion to go into Executive session was made by Ms. Huber and seconded by Ms. Sanborn.

The motion carried.

Board went into Executive session at 6:10 pm.

Board came out of Executive session at 6:20 pm

Mr. Williams made a motion to leave the Animal control budget as it is, until Town meeting day.

The motion was seconded by Ms. Sanborn.

The motion carried.


Road Foreman’s & Road Commissioner’s Report:

Depot Road Box Culvert plans was discussed with the Selectboard. Mr. Wilson said the next steps could take 4-5 months, before construction begins. The towns would like to see this move along in order to be ready for the Arch Bridge construction set for the late spring of 2021.

There was no public impute.

A motion to move forward with the Depot Road Box Culvert was made by Ms. Sanborn and seconded by Mr. Williams.

The motion carried.


Other budget line items were discussed, including the need to increase the Cemetery maintenance fund to cover the cost of removing necessary trees before damage to the headstones.

The Selectboard discussed the Williamsville Hall, and the need to paint the building, and the idea was raised to have the building inspected to make a list of future work that could be prioritized.

The Selectboard asked the Administrative Assistant to outline a Policy for the Williamsville Hall for a future meeting.

A motion was made by Mr. Fitzpatrick to leave the Williamsville Hall Budget as is. Ms. Sanborn seconded the motion.

The motion carried.



A motion was made by Mr. Fitzpatrick and seconded Ms. Huber to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:15 pm,

Respectfully Submitted, Wannetta Powling