Selectboard Special Meeting Minutes – Sept. 5, 2012

September 5, 2012  – VIDEO

Board Members Present: Jon Mack, Priscilla Cotton, Gloria Cristelli, Chris Druke, Todd Lawley

Others Present:  Maureen Albert-Piascik, Gunther Garbe, Patricia Grace, Doris Knechtel, Rich Melanson (BCTV)

The meeting was called to order at 2:30 p.m. by Jon Mack, Chair.


A motion was made by Priscilla Cotton, and it was seconded by Chris Druke to approve the minutes of the August 16, 2012 meeting. The motion passed, with Gloria Cristelli being away from the table.

A motion was made by Todd Lawley, and it was seconded by Priscilla Cotton to approve the minutes of the August 22, 2012 meeting.  The motion passed, with Gloria Cristelli being away from the table.


Todd Lawley gave the Road Foreman’s Report.  Report is attached.

A motion was made by Priscilla Cotton, and it was seconded by Gloria Cristelli to approve the Road Foreman’s Report.  The motion carried unanimously.

Baker Brook Reflectors

Todd requested to have a letter sent to the property owner on Baker Brook Road where the reflectors have been placed in the town right-of-way on the edge of the road.  The letter should inform the owner to remove the reflectors.  Gloria made a motion and it was seconded by Chris Druke for Pat to send a letter to the property owner asking them to remove the reflectors.  Motion was passed unanimously.

Road Signs

Jon stated that we will have a discussion on the traffic ordinance amendments required for where the five signs need to be added on Dover Road and that we would have a public hearing to make the amendments at the September 19th meeting.  Todd will be ordering all the signs for the Dover Road, where the location for signs does not need ordinance changes.

Road Contractor

Bruce Orchitt has submitted his bill to the Town of Newfane this week and requested approval to have payment made before the next Selectboard meeting.  He has one more day of road work.  Maureen Albert-Piascik will write the payment check after Todd Lawley, Road Agent, has approved the final work.

Application for Access

Scott Nysrom has applied for a driveway access on Steep Way Road.  Todd Lawley reported that he looked at the project.  Todd told Scott that he would need to have a place to allow his plowing and sanding equipment to turn around.  Todd requested to have documentation stating this requirement.  A discussion ensued.  A motion was made by Gloria Cristelli and seconded by Chris Druke to approve the access right-of-way with the condition, as stated in the written memo written by Todd.  The motion carried unanimously.

Pat Grace will write a letter to Scott, giving approval for a driveway access on Steep Way Road, with the conditions of Todd’s report.  Gloria will record the document in the Town Record book.


Sheriff’s Office Coverage

Corporal Mark Anderson, of the Windham County Sheriff’s Department, gave a documented report to the Newfane Selectboard of the services provided to the Town of Newfane and Williamsville during the month of August 2012.  A discussion ensued between the Selectboard and Corporal Anderson.

Treasurer’s Answers to Selectboard Questions

Maureen Albert-Piascik, Newfane Town Treasurer, discussed issues with the capital spending and the Town’s budget, including a 2014 budget for the capital funds for bridges.   A discussion ensued.

Jon Mack explained that the Bridge #14 $250,000.00 bond application was not completed since the 2011 hurricane but it is back on the agenda and is being worked on.  Todd Lawley suggested that a call be given to Carolyn Carlson of VTrans for assistance in the bond application.

Gloria has asked Neil Pelsue to do our reconciliations and he agreed to provide that service.

It was suggested that we have more money in the next annual Town budget for bridges and tree cutting issues.

Rock River Commercial Leaflets

Albert D’Armand, of Rock River Science, presented his letter of concerns to the Selectboard.  The letter included an article from the Brattleboro Reformer, dated July 8, 2008, relating to construction of a stairway.  Jon did speak with both parties who had been distributing leaflets, and they are working to control the situation.


Errors & Omissions

Doris Knechtel, Lister for Newfane, provided the Selectboard a written explanation of what Errors and Omissions consisted of and a list of property owners who were included on the 2012 summary list for errors and omissions.  The certificate requires signatures of the Newfane Selectboard members and needs to be filed with the Town Clerk.

Doris announced that Alane Perkins will be resigning from her elected position as Newfane Lister.  Alane will serve until a replacement is selected.  Doris suggested that the Selectboard advertise for a lister to fill this position until March 2013. Alane will not be running for the position in March 2013.

Jon Mack made a request to have Alane write a note or email to the Selectboard with her resignation prior to their placing the advertisement.  Todd made a motion and it was seconded by Chris Druke to advertise the lister position to replace Alane Perkins until March, 2013.  The motion passed unanimously.

Bond/Bridge #14

General Obligation Bond application has been received from Robert Giroux, Executive Director of Vermont Municipal Bond Bank.  Jon stated that we should try to get this application completed as soon as possible.  Pat Grace will start the application.

Hunter Bridge Design

Pat contacted Peter Boemig, SVE designer, for an approximate date of design completion of Hunter Brook Bridge replacement.  Peter felt that the design work would be completed within two months.

Trash/Town Ordinance Enforcement

Gloria Cristelli will draft a letter for the property owners and present it at the September 19th meeting to discuss.

Cellular Coverage

Jon has been in contact with Steve Morse.  Jon and Steve will continue further discussion with the progress of cellular coverage in this area.  Todd Lawley reported that there has been an issue with school buses not having cellular coverage.  Jon will get back to the Selectboard to report further cellular improvements on September 19th.

Flood Insurance

Gloria Cristelli reported that she has been working with Merle Tessier, Acting Zoning Administrator.  They found that there were only two property permits that had been issued permits in the flood plain zone.  Julie Grauer will be sending more information and how to work with flood maps.

Thank You Letter/Chris Triebert/Carol Ross

Gloria requested that the Selectboard send a letter to Chris Triebert and Carol Ross for their efforts for their hard work in chairing the Hurricane Irene Parade Celebration recently held in Williamsville.  Todd Lawley stated that he would like the letter to be addressed to the Parade Committee.  Gloria will draft a letter and Jon will sign it as the representative of the Newfane Selectboard.

Newfane Church & Heritage Festival/Street Closure Request

Ted and Kim Colligan requested permission to close part of West Street in the village for the Festival on October 6 and 7, 2012 from 10 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  A motion was made by Todd Lawley, and it was seconded by Priscilla Cotton to allow the road closure.  The motion passed unanimously.  Pat will send an email to the Colligans for the approval of the road closure.

Single Bid for Auditing

Chris Druke will work with Pat Grace to get the bid requests out.

Traffic Ordinance

Jon Mack reported that the Traffic Ordinance in place is dated June 1, 2006.  There was an amendment, signed by the Selectboard to adopt the state speed limits on Route to ensure that Newfane will receive the money for speeding tickets fines.  The amendment needs to be incorporated into the traffic ordinance.  Jon requested that Pat Grace incorporate the amendment into the ordinance to have one single document.  It will need to be recorded with the Town Clerk.


Alternate Project

Jon reported that he has requested Christina Moore to look into the request of information needed from FEMA for the alternate project.  A discussion ensued.

Gloria Cristelli and Priscilla Cotton will work with Christina Moore to get more documentation on pricing on the alternate projects.

Jon will call Bernie Sanders office to discuss the issues of working with FEMA on this project.

Community Development Block Grant

Jon Mack and Gloria Cristelli will be attending the meeting at 12:00-3:00 p.m. at the Williamsville Hall September 13 write a CDBG grant application to get grant money for the greening projects.

Gloria reported that Marc Pickering told her that FEMA will pay 80-90% for grubbing.  Jon stated that we have two years to apply for it.  Gloria will call Marc to discuss the process.

Scope Change/Hunter Brook Bridge

Jon reported that there was a scope change submitted by Christina Moore because there was an error in the project worksheet for Hunter Bridge from $50,000 to $500,000.  There is also a difference of $65,000 in the Adams Hill project worksheet, between what we are requesting and how the project worksheet is written up.  Christina is going to try to get this set up as a large project in the formal closeout.

Jon reported that Christina is requesting changes to the contract.  She wants a stop trigger on the 90-day and cost cap.  Christina is also requesting a primary point of contact for the contract.  A discussion ensued.

Town Office Moisture Issues

Gloria wants to get a bid to fill in the pit in the basement so that we can proceed with the  moisture barrier.  A discussion ensued. Gloria and Priscilla will contact a contractor to get a list of sequence as to what process needs to take place to resolve the moisture issues in the building and to request estimates for the work needing to be done.  Priscilla will contact Chad Farnum to get more information before the September 19th meeting.


John Caveney, of Cersosimo Lumber, sent a letter informing the Selectboard that they have begun harvesting timber on Toby Hill Road.  Cersosimo has agreed to repair any damage caused by their logging operations that led to the County Road.

Jon read a letter written by David Mears, Commissioner of Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation regarding reimbursement from FEMA for the costs of replacing bridges and culverts damaged by last year’s flooding.

Marshall Glickman sent an email to Jon regarding 11 parcels slated for tax sale.  He would be coming to the Town” to request it be buyer of last resort if we don’t get sufficient buyers.”  A discussion ensued.

Dan DeWalt emailed a request for the postmaster of Williamsville to have a “no idling” sign and put it at the Williamsville post office.  Todd Lawley will provide them with one.

A letter was sent to the Selectboard from Shirley Hendrick of Steep Way Road requesting a “hidden drive” sign set up after crossing Sugar Lane.  Todd will order one for that area, if he doesn’t already have one.  Pat will write a letter to Shirley to let her know that Todd will purchase a sign.

A letter was received at the Town Clerk’s office, from Renee Busch and Benn Nicholson, requesting solar-powered flashing speed sign be installed at the south end to Newfane village on Route 30.

Jon emailed Tristam Johnson and requested that he apply for a planning grant to pay for writing the by-law update.  Jon will review Tristam’s correspondence and get back to the Selectboard for an update.


A motion was made by Gloria Cristelli, and it was seconded by Priscilla Cotton to approve the pay orders.  The motion was passed.

Payroll                                                                                  Total Pay Orders:

$4,846.40 – August 20, 2012                                                  $884,019.48

$4,846.40 – August 27, 2012

$4,846.40 – September 4, 2012

$3,019.72 – September 4, 2012


A motion was made by Todd Lawley and seconded by Priscilla Cotton to adjourn at 5:35 p.m.  The motion was passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Grace, Administrative Assistant

September 5th 2012

                                           Road Foreman’s/Road Commissioner’s Report

1] Roads: The roads are in good shape. We have been grading, raking, and ditching. We have also been working on New Road to get that in shape so we can use it as a detour when we have Clarks replace the concrete culvert. We will have to post something in the paper and on the radios ahead of time to warn the people that the road will be closed for a day. This job was bid out last year and then we had the flood so it never got done. Clarks will still do it for that price. I have had several complaints from people about reflectors placed in the town right of way right on the edge of the road on Baker Brook rd in front of the both Ryz properties. I think the town needs to write them a letter asking that they be removed.

2] Equipment: Nortrax was down to work on the grader. We should look over their bill very closely because they should go good for some of the repairs. They had just worked on it and it still did not work properly so they came down again and found that it was a wire rubbing on metal and not a wheel sensor that they replaced. The 06 Sterling is going to Tenco to have some dump body work done on it next week.

3] Signs: I am working on getting an order together for the Depot /Dover rd and truck detour signs for Parish/Baker Brook rd. We have been going through signs at the old garage and found several different signs that we need so that will cut the cost down a little bit. We have put up some speed limit signs on Dover rd. and Grimes Hill rd as well.

4] I have been working with Dan and Christina on flood related issues on Mondays when Dan is here. I have been able to find some things that Christina needed. Dan put a bid out for rip rap work to be done on South Wardsboro Road, and the on Wiswall Hill bridge. Todd Brown got the bids and should be starting on that soon. I will work with Dan on Monday to get some more bids out for Adams Hill, Hunter Brook Road, second bridge on Hunter Brook Road and river work on Hickey Road bridge.

5] /Stratton Hill Road slide:  VTrans is going to put the slide out to bid for us. They had done a scope of work for the project.

6] New Truck: The new truck is at Tenco to have the dump body plow and wing installed. We went over to look at the truck and go over the specs to make sure everything was all right. We did find out that it had the wrong rear tires on it so we asked them to change the tires to a winter tread and they did that. I am glad we went over other wise we would have had to buy new tires for the winter.

7] Road Side Mowing: The road side mowing has begun he should be done in a week. He has asked that we approve his bill so that he can be paid as soon as he is done and not have to wait. I told him that I could not make that desicon the board would have to do that.

8] Winter Sand Bid: Pat is working on getting the winter sand bids out so we can have it back by next meeting.

Thank you,

Todd Lawley, Road Foreman

Christopher Williams, Road Commissioner