Selectboard (Zoom) Minutes Tuesday September 8, 2020

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Marion Dowling, Michael Fitzpatrick, Christopher Williams, Angela Sanborn and Shelly Huber.

OTHERS PRESENT:  (Zoom)   Aaron Naparstek, Caroline Kronley, Pattie Johnson, Chris May, Erica Walch,  Heather Sperling, Howard Weiss- Tisman,  Jeryl Julian Cissue, Sam Kilmurray,  Scotty Tabachnick, Sidney Johnon, Wichie Artu, Rich Sanborn, Ken Estey,  Elizabeth Erickson,  Suzanne Paugh, Pastor Rob Hamm,  Lauri Miner, IDM, I Phone, Jay Wilson, Melissa Brown , BCTV and Wannetta Powling


CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chair Marion Dowling.



August 17, 2020 Regular meeting Mr. Fitzpatrick made a motion to accept the minutes, Mr. Williams seconded.

Ms. Huber abstained.  Motion passed.

August 24, 2020 Special meeting Ms. Sanborn made a motion to accept the minutes, Mr. Williams seconded.

Mr. Fitzpatrick and Ms. Huber abstained. Motion passed.


  1. Daniels Construction got into worse concrete on the top of the second abutment at Monroe Bridge. They have the bridge jacked up and are replacing the top of the abutment with new concrete. I attached a picture.
  2. Roadside mowing is almost completed.
  3. The Depot Rd Culvert easements I don’t have any updates on. I did file the permit for the detour on RT 30 with VTRANS.
  4. There is a Road Safety Audit being done on September 22nd for Newfane Village which will include RT 30 and West St.
  5. We are continuing our grading, culvert replacements and ditching.
  6. The Sand/Salt shed is still going through review at the State level.
  7. We had VT Sewer & Drain run a camera through the 2 culverts at Timson Hill at the preschool. We found the culvert under the road is in reasonably good shape and there is a drain that has been covered for a number of years.

Mr. Fitzpatrick made a motion to accept the Road Foreman’s report. Ms. Sanborn seconded.

Motion Passed.


I have finished the audit. Everything went great.

I have been in touch with West River Modified School District in regards to the school payment due September 8, 2020; we are going to only pay $100,000.00 right now, and then we will make up the differences once the taxes come in. This saves us from having to take out a Tax Anticipation Note.

Taxes bills have been mailed and taxes are coming in already. I have received several calls in regards to taxpayers not being able to pay the first and second installment on-time due to the fact that they are so close and due to the fact that some people still have not received their homestead rebates as of yet. Would the board consider not applying the interest for the month of September, October and November? We could still apply interest to all previous years taxes but not this current year if need be. The property transfers are completed from the Town sales.

I have been working on my abatements so I’m ready for the next abatement hearing.

Discussion ensued – regarding waving the interest payments on current 2020 year, until the end of December 2020 year

Mr. Williamsville made a motion to not to apply the interest on September, October, November and December. Ms. Sanborn seconded. Motion passed.

Ms. Sanborn made a motion to accept the Treasure’s report. Mr. Williams seconded.

Motion Passed.


  • The replacement computer has had some issues downloading all of the records and programs, I have no access to the scanning folder on the Canon printer (Town Clerks office) all of your information in tonight’s packets were copied and delivered by me Thursday evening. I am not yet able to email this as attachments.
  • Dan Hoviss from Dot solution will be at Town Office this week to do the computer & printer upgrades for us. Including installing the Router for our internet.
  • I started scheduling appointments in October for the social appropriations to come and meet with the Selectboard as scheduled members of the public.
  • I received confirmation for the VLCT “Municipal Budgeting” 2 day webinar. Marion, Melissa & I will be taking this training from 9-noon on September 16 &17.
  • VT Legislature Bill S.54 is the bill that creates a taxed and regulated cannabis marketplace in Vermont. I will make copies of this and place them in your mailboxes.
  • VTrans has sent an Advance Notice for the Selectboard to sign. This is a relocation notice allowing for the utilities (Green MT Power, Comcast and Consolidated Communications) to temporary relocate the aerial wiring at the intersection of Grimes Hill Road and Depot Road into the Town Highway Right of Way. Prior to the Arch Bridge construction in 2021.

Mr. Fitzpatrick made a motion to accept the Administrative Assistants report. Ms. Sanborn seconded. Motion Passed.

Mr. Fitzpatrick made a motion to authorize the Selectboard to sigh the form for VTrans Notice. Mr. Williams seconded. Motion passed


Aaron Naparstek and Patricia Johnson are members of the Incorporated Village of Newfane (IVN). They presented the Selectboard with information from the recent Traffic study that was performed from 27, July thru 13th of August 2020.

The information provided the board were the number of vehicles it also included the speed of these vehicles.  The speed limits in the Village of Newfane is posted at 30 MPH village residents feel that this in unacceptable. Members of the Incorporated Village of Newfane are asking the Selectboard for suggestions to address their concerns for protecting pedestrians, cyclists and children playing along these roads.

Suggestions the members provided included

·         Cross Walks with Flashing lights & yield signs

·         Solar generated speed signs at each end of town before entering the Village

·         Additional 30 MPH sigh in the village

·         “No Passing Zone” signs






Budget Season Schedule:  Was suggested that this be tabled until the September 21 meeting.


Respond to 7.21.20 VT State Troopers Letter – participation in shaping the law enforcement changes and approach to policing in Newfane and across Vermont.  Ms. Sanborn read the letter aloud.  The Board will be sending a letter in responds to Lieutenant French in regards letter invitation to participate.


Carol Rondeau – Email requesting “Safety Zone” to be posted at town property (Gravel Storage Area) Dover Road in South Newfane.

Toni Powling “Believes that the Selectboard would be heading down a slippery slope if you start making resolutions regarding something you cannot control and over which you have no ability to apply consequences.”

Christine White “Encouraged the Selectboard not to set a precedent by taking action by creating a resolution to hold people accountable over isolated incidents of discrimination and racism.”

Erica Walch “I urge the Selectboard not to adopt a statement that makes government responsible for addressing hurt feelings or attempt to curtail the constitutional rights of the town’s citizens.  It is not government’s job to protect citizen’s feelings, but to protect citizen’s rights to free speech. Along with other rights we have in the State and US Constitution.”

Kim Friedman “Call on the Selectboard to make a public statement condemning acts of racist violence.”

 Dan DeWalt A requests that the Selectboard make a statement condemning the racist incidents and acts of vandalism in Newfane.

Dan DeWalt, & Samantha Kilmurray Expressing personal views with an additional 100+ electronic signatures supporter, requesting the Selectboard make a statement condemning these racist incidents and acts of vandalism.


  1. Payroll Warrant # 11468                                 Amount  $  4,339.95
  2. Payroll Warrant # 11470                                 Amount  $ 5,712.20
  3. Payroll Warrant # 11471                                 Amount  $ 5,184.66
  4. Accounts Payable No. # 21005                 Amount  $  199,394.61

 ADJOURN:   Motion to adjourn was made by Mr. Williams @ 8:36 pm.

Respectfully Administrative Assistant

Wannetta Powling