Town Directory

Directory for Town Services and Local Agencies

24 Hour Emergency Services

Emergency: Enhanced 9-1-1 911
Fire: NewBrook Volunteer Fire and Rescue
Mutual Aid, Keene, NH
Ambulance: Rescue,Inc. Brattleboro
Grace Cottage Hospital, Townshend
Police: Windham County Sheriff, Newfane
Mental Health: Mental Health Services of Southern VT 1-800-622-4235
Domestic Violence: Women’s Crisis Center, Brattleboro 254-6954
General: Helpline 257-7989
Runaway: Youth Services of Windham County, Brattleboro 257-0361
Temporary Shelter: Morningside Shelter 257-0066

Town Government

Town Garage (Williamsville)       348-7949
Newfane Town Office:
555 Route 30, P.O. Box 36,
Newfane, VT 05345
Tel: 802-365-7772
Fax: 802-365-7692
Administrative Assistant to the Selectboard
Shannon Meckle
Hours: Monday – Thursday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
555 Route 30, P.O. Box 296,
Newfane VT 05345
802-365-7772 Ext. 4
Town Clerk:
Carol Hesselbach
555 Route 30,
P.O. Box 36, Newfane, VT 05345
802-365-7772 Ext. 0

Hours: Monday through Thursday 8am – 6pm
Closed Friday
Services: Records and Information, Voter Registration
Dog registration: Register before April 1 to avoid late fees; requires up-to-date rabies vaccination certificate
Motor vehicle renewals available
Fish & Wildlife licenses available
Town Treasurer & Tax Collector:
Melissa Brown
555 Route 30, PO Box 36,  Newfane VT 05345
802-365-7772 Ext. 2

Hours: Monday through Thursday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Current – Real Estate:
Quarterly Payments: 8/15, 10/15. 1/15, 4/15
Mail To: Tax Collector, Town of Newfane
Delinquent – Real Estate:                                                                                                                                                  Samantha Wilson
Pay to: Delinquent Tax Collector, Town Office                                                                                                  

802-365-7772, Ext. 119
Town Listers:
Monday-Thursday, 9:30am – 12:30pm
802-365-7772, Ext. 1
Zoning Administrator
Merle Tessier
Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays
1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
802-365-7772, Ext. 3
Animal Control Officer
Mike Young
(802) 365-7772 – Ext. 118
(802) 380-0311 (Cell Phone)

Windham Solid Waste Management District:

Hours: Weekdays: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Saturday: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon
Permits: Available for purchase at the Solid Waste District…..257-0272


Windham Central Supervisory Union Office: 365-9510
Newbrook Elementary, Principal’s Office: 365-7536
Leland & Gray Union High School, Office: 365-7533
West River Education District


Moore Free Library, West St., Newfane 365-7948

Justices of the Peace for Marriages

Robert Crego
18 Timson Hill Road,
Newfane, VT 05345
(802) 348-7777
Priscilla Cotton
27 Old Stage Road
Newfane, VT 05345
(802) 365-7342
Ellen Darrow
129 Auger Hole Road
South Newfane, VT 05351
(802) 348-7715
Apple Gifford
45 French Cabin Road
Newfane, VT 05345
Richard Marek
P.O. Box 476
Newfane, VT 05345
(802) 365-9107
Mary Ann Clarkson
1068 So. Wardsboro Road
Newfane, VT 05345
(802) 365-4243
Evelyn Sirois
PO Box 172
Williamsville, VT 05362

Other Agencies:

Valley Health Council: 365-7725
Grace Cottage Hospital (Office): 365-7920
Visiting Nurse and Hospice for Vermont and New Hampshire (VNH): 1-888-300-8853
Vermont Dept. of Health: 365-7725
Retired Senior Volunteer Program: 254-7515
Senior Solutions: 1-800-642-5119
Windham Regional Commission: 257-4547

Ordinances in effect:

Refer to the following if you are planning any changes to your property:
(All Ordinances are available for review and/or purchase at the Town Clerk’s Office.)
Newfane Town Plan
Newfane Zoning Bylaw
Newfane Health Ordinance
Newfane Traffic Ordinance

Other Ordinances & Regulations:

Access/Right of Way Permit
Dog Ordinance
Traffic Ordinance
Town Road Specifications
Regulation Governing Newfane’s Antiques Cemeteries
For assistance contact the Zoning Administrator, Administrative Assistant or the Selectmen.

Newfane Town and School Officers: 2017

Moderator Deborah Luskin
Town Clerk Carol Hesselbach
Treasurer/Tax Collector Melissa Brown
Selectboard Gary Delius
Michael Fitzpatrick
Marion Dowling
Christopher Williams
Shelly Huber
Collector of Delinquent Taxes Samantha Wilson
Listers Frank Suponski
Doris Knechtel
Lynn Forrest
School Officers  
District Treasurer
Kim Friedman
Melissa Brown
District School Directors David VanPamelen
Luke Q. Stafford
Kenneth McFadden
Leland & Gray School Directors Emily Long
Abigail Dillon
Kelli Warriner