Town Office Building Committee Meeting Minutes – April 18, 2017




April 18, 2017

Members Present:      Doris Knechtel (Chair Person), Frank Suponski, Gary Delius, Carol Hatcher (Select Board Members),

Absent: Karen Astley (Recording Secretary)

  1. CALL TO ORDER: Doris Knechtel opened the meeting at 5:17 p.m.  This meeting was rescheduled from April 4th due to two committee members having to attend a Town Officers Education Conference seminar in Fairlee VT.
  2. ADJUSTMENTS TO THE AGENDA: No adjustments to the agenda were made.
  3. ACCEPTANCE TO THE MINUTES: March 21, 2017

Frank Suponski made a motion to accept the minutes of March 21, 2017 as written. Gary Delius seconded the motion. Motion passed.

  1. COMMUNICATIONS AND PUBLIC COMMENT: No public attended meeting.

a). Review of RFP’s received for Exterior and Interior Painting (Town Office Building)

The RFP’s for the painting of the Interior and Exterior of the TO Building were sent to 6 potential bidders and published in the newspaper.  Only one contractor submitted a bid by the 4:00 p.m. deadline on April 17th.  The Select Board opened the bids from Moe Momaney of Momaney Painters, LLc in Dummerston at their meeting of April 17th.   Committee members present reviewed the bids submitted.

Interior Painting Bid – For the sum of $11,600.00 Momaney Printers LLc proposes to paint the interior of the Newfane Town Offices and all areas as outlined in the RFP. The job is to be completed before the end of the FY 2018.  Payment is due upon satisfactory completion of the job.  The Committee recommends that the Select Board award the Interior Painting Bid to Moe Momaney, as specified in his bid submission, for the amount of $11,600.00

Exterior Painting Bid – For the sum of $12,800.00 Momaney Painters LLc proposes to use 1.5 inch hand sharpened steel scrapers, replace any rotting clapboards and trim as needed during the scraping process.  Once the building has been scraped, the building will be power washed with a bleach solution to remove any surface contaminants that would prevent proper adhesion of paint.  Then one complete coat of sealer and one complete top coat of Sherwin Williams “Resilience” finish paint.  This job would last about 10 years and includes a one year warranty.

Another much better and longer lasting paint job with specifications was also presented that would have two complete coats of finish paint, for a much better appearance, more durability and longevity.  This job would last at least 15 years and have a two year warranty for the amount of $15,900.00.  Some questions were raised about whether the exterior painting proposal meets the RFP.  This will investigated further.  References and a list of recent job sites were included.

The Exterior Painting job will take two weeks and be completed sometime this painting season.  They will stay on the job until completed. Full payment is due after satisfactory completion of the job.  They do not spray paint.

b).  HVAC Update: The Committee reviewed the list of recommendations which was presented at a previous meeting (03/21/17).  No update was forthcoming.  The Committee will wait until the next meeting that Karen Astley in in attendance. The file from the previous Building Committee was reviewed about some items that may have been done.  Some of these documents will be copied and reviewed.

c). Grant(s) update: Information was given to the Committee at the on March 21st on various grant opportunities that will assist in renovation of the Town Office. Deadlines are noted and more research is being conducted to see if the building can be added to the State and National Register as an historic building. D. Knechtel will check with L. Forrest, Chair of the Planning Commission, on the status of the Village Center Designations. This would provide more opportunity for grant funding for the Town Office and other buildings.

d). Frank Suponski gave additional information on improving the life of the  building by stating, after inquiring,  a heavy grade vinyl siding and vinyl door jams would cost the Town approximately $20,000.00. The Committee should be aware of this when the paint bids come in. Vinyl siding good be power washed every year and would reduce overall maintenance costs in the future and extend the life of the building.


a). RFP for Vinyl Siding – Town Office:  Frank Suponski was in contact with a reputable Vinyl Siding Contractors who submitted an estimate for applying vinyl siding to the complete building.  This application would completely encase the lead-based paint with 3/8 foam board.  It would last for several years and help with some of the heating problems. G. Delius would like to see a sample if the vinyl being considered.

b). Town Building Maintenance Plan: C. Hatcher suggested that there be a plan and document for the continued maintenance of the various town buildings, that is, the Town Office, the Williamsville Hall, the Town Garage and the “old” Town Garage.  Members of the committee will list items to be considered on a yearly and/or monthly basis and who would have the responsibility and oversight.

  1. OTHER BUSINESS (Discussion/Action):

a).  Date of next meeting is Tuesday, May 2nd at 5:00 p.m.

  1. Adjournment: Motion was made by Frank Suponski and seconded by Gary Delius to adjourn the meeting at 6:55 p.m. Motion passed.

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Prepared by: Karen M. Astley, Recording Secretary

(Note: These are unapproved minutes. Corrections, if necessary, will be found in the minutes of the next Town Office Building Committee meeting minutes.)