Town Office Building Committee Meeting Minutes – February 16, 2017




February 16, 2017

Members Present:     Doris Knechtel (Chair Person), Frank Suponski, Gary Delius (Select Board Member via telephone), Karen Astley (Recording Secretary)

Members Absent:        Carol Hatcher (Select Board Member);

  1. CALL TO ORDER: Doris Knechtel opened the meeting at 5:07 p.m.  This meeting was rescheduled from February 9, 2017 due to inclement weather.
  1. ACCEPTANCE TO THE MINUTES: Frank Suponski made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Doris Knechtel seconded. Motion passed.
  1. COMMUNICATIONS AND PUBLIC COMMENT: No public attended meeting.

a).  Update on Painter’s and Roofers:  The Committee is in receipt of one estimate from a local painting firm. Based on the detail of the estimate Frank Suponski would like to use the estimate to draft an RFP for recommendation to the Select Board.

Roofers: No response from any roofer at this time. Karen Astley contacted another company in Westminster, VT. Frank Suponski stated the roof is not bad but with the snow load we may find missing slates come Spring. The Committee is seeking an estimate for repair and anticipated annual maintenance expenses.

Window Shades: Doris Knechtel obtained information from Catamount Carpet Cleaning regarding the window quilts. The company will clean the quilts for a total of $600.00 ($40.00 per shade) which is a much better price of 6,000 to replace them.

Doris Knechtel will speak at the Select Boards meeting on February 20, 2017 for recommendation of RFP and window quilts.

New toilets are in place for both bathrooms. Frank Suponski did find the storm windows and put them on which has made a difference in both bathrooms.

b). HVAC Update: Based on the Property Assessment Report which is thorough, the Committee will prepare a recommendations check list based on the reports. The Committee agrees we have a report let’s not reinvent the work/expense instead utilize the report and do the recommendations. Recommendations will be presented to the Select Board for approval as the Committee moves forward.

c).  Bridge Money from Bond Vote ($35,000): The Committee is unclear whether or not the surplus bridge money is still available for the Town Office Project. Doris will follow up with Shannon on this. The Committee agreed there is approximately $90,106 in the Town Office Capital Needs Fund.


a). Review Town Bidding Policy: Doris Knechtel handed out the policy for the Committee to review. No comments at this time.

b). Draft Request for Interest / Request for Proposal: Karen Astley has templates that might be helpful in writing an RFP. The Committee agreed that we are to recommend and wait for direction from the Select Board. RFP’s are technically the responsibility of the Select Board and their Administrative Assistant.

c). Grant Opportunities for Renovation: Karen Astley introduced three separate grant opportunities and contacted the State of Vermont for grant funding. More information to follow once the information has been reviewed. Committee is unsure that the Town Office building is historic. Research and investigation will continue to see if this is a possibility as this could give the Town more opportunity for grant funding.

Karen Astley informed the Committee regarding the Town of Lincoln’s new Town Office as there are some similarities that the Committee spoke about and what the Town of Lincoln accomplished. Karen emailed the Select Board Chair with some questions, update to follow.

From this conversation Frank Suponski did mention that an Architect will be required in order to obtain stamped plans and specifications when the Town is ready to move forward with renovation plans. Although we have a property assessment report we don’t have certified plans which are required by the labor industry.

  1. OTHER BUSINESS (Discussion/Action):

a).  Date of next meeting is March 14, 2017, Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.

  1. Adjournment: Gary Delius made a motion to adjourn at 5:59 p.m. Frank Suponski seconded the motion. Motion passed.


Prepared by: Karen M. Astley, Recording Secretary
(Note: These are unapproved minutes. Corrections, if necessary, will be found in the minutes of the next Town Office Building Committee meeting minutes.)