Town Office Building Committee Meeting Minutes – July 5, 2017




July 5, 2017


Members Present:      Doris Knechtel (Chair Person), Frank Suponski, Karen Astley (Recording Secretary)

Not Present:                Carol Hatcher (Select Board Member),  Gary Delius (Select Board Member)

  1. CALL TO ORDER: Doris Knechtel opened the meeting at 5:04 p.m.
  3. ACCEPTANCE TO THE MINUTES: Frank Suponski made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Karen Astley seconded. Motion passed.
  4. COMMUNICATIONS AND PUBLIC COMMENT: No public in attendance.

a).  Town Office Painting: A price was given to paint the sign above the front door for an estimate of $850.00. Doris Knechtel will ask Momaney Painter’s for a quote for a comparison. Momaney Painter’s have not given the Town a date when interior or exterior would commence.

The Committee is not aware of an executed contract between the Town and Contractor. Frank Suponskie made a motion to have Doris Knechtel ask Shannon Meckle if an executed contract will be in place prior to commencement or if the award to the contractor is sufficient. Karen Astley seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Karen Astley will call and get preliminary prices on storage/moving pods based on different sizes.

b).  HVAC Update: Karen Astley reported the Committee should contact the Contractor listed in the property assessment report completed by David Cotton.  Doris Knechtel volunteered to make the call. Frank Suponski mentioned if an addition were to be built a Contractor would have to look at existing system and take into consideration the new configuration of the addition. This would prompt a full inspection of the current system.

c). Grant(s) Update: A question was raised whether or not to pursue any grants at this time without a clear direction. Grants are dependent on planning, completed conceptual plans and a realistic start time as grants are time sensitive. The Committee feels it is premature to request grants at this time.  The Committee also discussed in kind donations through excavation, labor and materials if possible.

d).  Maintenance Plan Checklist:  The Committee members present discussed the fact that maintenance plan checklists are important for each public building but felt the Town Office is the Committee’s priority and charge from the Select Board. The Committee feels the goals for the Town Office have not been met and slow progress is evident. Frank Suponski made a motion that the Select Board should take care of overseeing the maintenance checklist and working with the individual(s) in charge of the specific public building. Doris Knechtel seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Karen Astley will contact Shannon Meckle to inquire about a report from PACIF relative to the Town Office building and the deficiencies that were noted during an inspection.

Frank Suponski discussed making a recommendation to the Select Board to renovate by creating individual offices in the main meeting hall with walls and doors; and recommend a small addition on the back of the building with one ADA accessible bathroom and one other bathroom in the current locations. The Committee will need to have a plan, conceptual design and costs estimates.

e).  Flooring/Sanding Update: Doris Knechtel gave Frank a Consumer Report on Flooring. Frank Suponski will review the article and get back to the Committee.


a). Outdoor Garden Area:  Doris Knechtel advised the Committee that the Select Board approved the fence and sills as discussed last meeting. She also mentioned Greg Record did the grounds landscaping at no charge. Karen Astley suggested a thank you card should be sent to Mr. Record for his time and effort.

  1. OTHER BUSINESS (Discussion/Action):

a). Date of next meeting is August 1, 2017, Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.

  1. Adjournment: Doris Knechtel made a motion to adjourn at 6:14 p.m. Frank Suponski seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Prepared by: Karen M. Astley, Recording Secretary