Town Office Building Committee Meeting Minutes – October 24, 2017




October 24, 2017

Members Present:      Doris Knechtel (Chair Person), Frank Suponski, Gary Delius (Select Board Member); Karen Astley (Recording Secretary)

Not Present:                Carol Hatcher (Select Board Member)

  1. CALL TO ORDER: Doris Knechtel opened the meeting at 5:02 p.m.




  1. ACCEPTANCE TO THE MINUTES: Frank Suponski made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Karen Astley seconded. Gary Delius abstained. Motion passed.


  1. COMMUNICATIONS AND PUBLIC COMMENT: No public in attendance.


  1. UNFINISHED BUSINESS (Discussion/Action):


a).  Estimates for Addition: Frank Suponski requested a quote from BB Foundation to pour the 28 x 50 concrete slab for the addition. Frank requested a quote with 4′ walls and an estimate for a slab on grade. Everyone is busy getting projects done. Frank is not pushing for an estimate.


Astley Plumbing & Heating has not given an estimate but Karen Astley is working on it. Gary Delius stated we should get two one for the addition and one for the existing building.

There is no estimate for the addition at this time. Karen Astley will pursue a contractor for an estimate.


b).  Loss Control Action Plan Update: Doris Knechtel will follow up with Shannon Meckle as the Selectboard asked Shannon to contact PACIF for an update on the existing report.


c.)  Concept Design of Town Interior:  Gary Delius stated that not only did one previous Town Clerk state the vault needed to be bigger but the existing Town Clerk also stated the vault needs to be enlarged or add a second one in the building.


This discussion went as far as the Committee reiterating “what has the Selectboard tasked the Committee to accomplish?” The Selectboard is still trying to negotiate with Ed Druke but has stalled. The Committee is aware there is a Loss Control Action Plan specific to the Town Hall that has to be addressed. The Committee also realizes without concrete figures for an addition the Selectboard may not move forward with an article at Town Meeting.  It is the majority of the Committee that all work at this time be suspended until the Selectboard directs the Committee to continue.  Doris Knechtel added the Selectboard needs to give direction to the Board first and foremost. Proceed with talking with WW Building and then give the Committee direction.

Gary Delius stated there is money in the Capital Fund to continue with some maintenance. Doris Knechtel will get the figure since the exterior painting has been done.
Frank Suponski asked whether the surplus money that is in the Williamsville Fire Department budget could be allocated to the Town Hall Capital Fund?  Gary Delius stated that would have to be decided but life safety is a concern for the Village as the nearest stations are Dover and Newbrook. Gary Delius also stated that the Williamsville Town Hall is in need of work as well.

Some discussion arose on building new. Doris Knetchel reminded the Committee the second bond vote was ten shy of a tie. Frank Suponski had a great point regarding the new Rescue building in Townshend. The new Rescue building cost $850,000.00 to construct. The construction did have some in-kind contributions but the $950,000.00 bond vote for a new town office was not inflated by any means.

Karen Astley stated we know the numbers for a new building but we still don’t have numbers for the addition. The voters will want the numbers otherwise it will be difficult to present either option without the comparison in moving forward towards a mutual goal.

  1. NEW BUSINESS (Discussion/Action):


a).  DEC Response to Floodplain: Karen Astley emailed DEC John Broker-Campbell regarding building an addition in the floodplain zone. The Committee discussed the email and John’s recommendations. Doris Knetchel mentioned that the flood elevation should be in the report that David Cotton prepared. Karen Astley will review the report for the information.


  1. OTHER BUSINESS (Discussion/Action):

Carol Thatcher has given notice that she is resigning from the Town Office Building Committee. The members are thankful for the work she has done and understands. Gary Delius suggested we search for new members although the Selectboard did appoint two members from the Board to be active on this Committee. He will go back to the Selectboard and confirm if another Selectboard member should be designated.

a).  Date of next meeting  to be determined at a later date when necessary.

  1. Adjournment: Gary Delius made a motion to adjourn at 6:11 p.m. Frank Suponski seconded the motion. Motion passed.