Town Office Building Committee Meeting Minutes – September 12, 2017




 September 12, 2017


Members Present:      Doris Knechtel (Chair Person), Carol Hatcher (Select Board Member), Frank Suponski, Karen Astley (Recording Secretary)


Not Present:                Gary Delius (Select Board Member)



  1. CALL TO ORDER: Doris Knechtel opened the meeting at 5:01 p.m.




  1. ACCEPTANCE TO THE MINUTES: Carol Hatcher made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Karen Astley seconded. Motion passed.


  1. COMMUNICATIONS AND PUBLIC COMMENT: No public in attendance.




a).  Town Office Painting: Town Hall exterior painting is complete. The Committee agrees the building looks so much better. Momaney Painters did a great job. Frank Suponski also commented that you don’t always see the owner of the company working side by side with his eight employees. Frank added the work ethics and the job that was done is well worth the cost. One question was raised why the window trims did not get painted black. Frank Suponski commented that this was originally the way the building looked. The Committee was satisfied. Karen Astley to send Shannon pictures of the before and after.


The Town Hall sign has been removed from the front of the building. The Committee will request Shannon to get prices from various contractors to paint it. Gary Delius did have a price but the Committee will revisit sign contractors and put this out to bid if necessary. There is no extra paint but the Committee will request the paint codes.


Interior painting is scheduled to commence late Fall or early Winter.


The Committee feels they are making progress which reinforces their intentions to continue to move forward.


b).  HVAC Update: Frank Suponski updated the Committee as Phil Astley, Astley Plumbing and Heating did a preliminary inspection and walk through of the building. He did suggest some alternatives and will write up a price.


c).  ROOF: Carol Hatcher asked whether or not we have a price for the roof yet. Frank Suponski stated the roof is in good shape expect for a couple of missing pieces of slate.


d.)  LOSS CONTROL ACTION PLAN:  The Committee is not confident that all of the items are completed from the September 13, 213 Action Plan report completed by VLCT. Carol Hatcher stated she would put the item on the Selectboard Agenda for October so the Town Office Building Committee can address the Board.


e.)  ADDITION:  The Committee discussed “a new addition”. The question was raised whether our goal was to obtain prices? All were in agreement that we need to keep working on obtaining prices and present the facts to the voters at Town Meeting. Ideas were suggested as to the use of a 20 x 30 addition and its purpose.




a).  FUNDS: The Committee discussed the potential of surplus money in the budget that may be left with the closing of the Williamsville Fire Department. The Committee would like to request some if not all of the surplus to go towards the addition if the voters should approve of an addition to the building.


  1. OTHER BUSINESS (Discussion/Action):


a). Date of next meeting is October 3, 2017, Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.


  1. Adjournment: Karen Astley made a motion to adjourn at 6:33 p.m. Frank Suponski seconded the motion. Motion passed.