Williamsville Hall Committee Meeting Minutes – April 8, 2015

Williamsville Hall Meeting Minutes
April 8, 2015

Member Attendees: Myra Fassler, Steve Levine, Louise Sirois, Brian Harrigan, Judy Harrigan, Nancy Rysz
Public: Joe Mandell, Annie Landenberger, Andy Davis

Rock River Player’s “Our Town”
⁃ Annie L discussed the Rock River Player’s “Our Town” Play for showing on the
last weekend of August and the first weekend in September.
⁃ Annie asked if she can build out the stage which would require some expenses of
up to $500. Motion was passed.
⁃ WHC agreed to charge $8 for adults and $5 for students and seniors. Money
made would go towards the Hall and the expenses incurred from the stage build
⁃ Motion was passed for the WHC to purchase 2 dimmers for the ceiling track
⁃ Annie is scheduling the first Rock River Player’s organizational meeting on April

Contra Dance
⁃ Andy Davis discussed Contra Dancing at the Hall.
⁃ His recommendation was for the WHC to try one event this summer and use the
Community Model (school age to adults).
⁃ To organize, we will need a ‘Caller’ and two band players. Andy said he could be
one of the ‘Callers’ and might be able to partner with Keith and Becky for music.
⁃ ‘Callers’ normally get paid around $100 and tickets could run around $4 Kids, $7
Adults or $20 Family.
⁃ Andy suggested times for the Contra Dance were 6:30pm – 9:30pm or 7:00pm –
⁃ Judy to poll the Newfane/Williamsville community via Front Porch Forum for
some suggested dates and times for the Contra Dance.
⁃ Brian to get back to Andy with some dates for the Contra Dance.
⁃ Andy also recommended WHC look into Sponsoring Organizations, Fundraiser
Marathons, Collaboration with other Organizations, and hold raffles/pie sales to
raise capital.
⁃ The schedule for established Contra Dances in nearby towns: Pierce’s Hall – last
Saturday of each month, Brattleboro Stone Church – 2nd and 4th Sunday, Andy
Davis – every 3rd Saturday (April 18, May and June)

Passover Seder
⁃ Steve said the Passover Seder was a success with 45 people in attendance. The
Seder made $114 in donations.
⁃ The $114 made from the Seder donations will go to the money owed to Myra’s
expense of $274.30 for the sound baffles.

⁃ Louise spoke to Joe DeFelice about showing some of his movies at the Hall and
talk to the audience before (and/or after) the showing. Louise to follow-up with
Joe DeFelice again to confirm movies dates for June and/or July on Friday’s or
Wednesday evenings.
⁃ WHC still need to look at other options for the Hall Projector. We could borrow
one from the Dover Library.

Mother’s Day Brunch
⁃ Last year’s Mother’s Day Brunch poster to be re-used with some modifications.
⁃ Steve to change text on poster to ‘Plenty of hot food anytime you arrive’, ‘ Real
Vermont Maple Syrup’, Price: $8 Adults and $5 Kids/Seniors, Start time: 10:00am
– 1:30pm
⁃ WHC will need to work on the publicity for the Mother’s Day Brunch.

• The $3,525 in the WH Capital expense fund will remain in the fund if it is not spent in
the current fiscal year.
• Steve will need to meet with Town Treasurer to find discrepancy.
• The Select Board agreed to waive the Hall rental fee for any Memorial Services.
Shannon to update the Hall Use Policy and send for approval.

Energy Improvements
• Brian completed the interview process with the different contractors and 3 quotes were
submitted to the Select Board for bids on April 6, 2015.
• Shannon to send out the request for bids.

Other Business
• Judy has updated the WHC website calendar of events but still needs access to the site to edit content and documents on the site. Judy and Myra to follow-up with Dan K.
• Todd to contact well driller to move pump in well shaft.

Meeting adjourned: 8:50 pm

Next Williamsville Hall Committee meeting is scheduled for May 5, 7pm