Williamsville Hall Committee Meeting Minutes – August 8, 2015

Wednesday, August 8, 2015
Williamsville Hall Committee Meeting Minutes

Member Attendees: Myra Fassler, Steve Levine, Brian Harrigan, Judy Harrigan, Nancy Rysz

Steve reported that the Williamsville Hall Donation fund is currently at $4,829.

Energy Improvements
The work to insulate the main floor ceiling at the Hall is scheduled to start on September 14, 2015.

Mark Topitzer met with Steve and Brian on August 4th to do a walkthrough of the Hall windows.

Mark will come back to Brian and Steve with an estimate to replace or redo the sash in the windows.

Myra contacted Friends of the Sun and Home Depot for estimates on thermal window shades for the Hall. Friends of the Sun estimate came in at around $300 just for the shades per window and Home Depot came in at around $4,000 for triple cells and installation.

Myra to contact Friends of the Sun again and confirm pricing for shades and installation.
Steve to look online for cellular shades and report back with an estimate to the WHC.
All estimates will be reviewed and agreed in the next WHC to then present to the Newfane Select Board.

Once the insulation and windows are done, WHC will review the possibility of replacing the current boiler.


BBQ Dinner
The BBQ event served 116 meals. Total food sales came out to $1,356 with $95 in donations for a total of $1,451. Expenses for food, drinks and posters came in at (-$696) in addition to other expenses like the new plastic cups, monument cleaner and estimate for broken projector (-$404),  WHC netted $351.

Any expense that amounts to more $25 needs to be reviewed and approved by the WHC.
Rock River Players “Our Town”

Annie confirmed that all of the actors have been identified and practice is going well.

Brian reported that the new recycling system and the new plastic cups worked well at the last event. Nancy said that the new plastic cups don’t completely dry when hand drying them and they need to be laid out to dry before stacking them. Brian to look into some kind of drying rack for the cups.

The Williamsville Hall Community Project/General Store will not be pursued at this time.
WHC agreed to look into creating a new website for the Hall. Judy to speak with Dale Stevens about how to create a new website for the Hall. Myra to contact Dan Kinoy so that Judy can get access to some of the documents and images in the current Williamsville Hall website.

Meeting adjourned: 7:42pm
Next Williamsville Hall Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 1, 7pm.