Williamsville Hall Committee Meeting Minutes – November 3, 2015

Williamsville Hall Committee Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

7:00 pm


Steve reported that the Williamsville Hall Donation fund is currently at $6,183.17 with $418.28 earmarked for the Rock River Players future performances at the Hall.

Energy Improvements

The work to insulate the attic was completed. Scott from Four Seasons Insulation is due to send the invoice for payment.

A motion was passed and agreed that the next energy project for the hall will be to tighten the windows using the hardware that Walter Phelps will be donating, hire a carpenter to check that all sashes are functioning and install the necessary hardware.

If we order cellular shades online and measure and install them ourselves they will cost about$4,000.00.

Steve Levine to contact the carpenter Aaron Betts for an appraisal of the work involved to fix the windows.

The WHC is investigating all options to replace the boiler at the Hall which is undersized and not efficient. The last estimate the WHC received was $23,000 to replace the current boiler with a propane gas boiler from D.B. Franklin & Son in Guilford. Steve to look into a pellet boiler and Brian to contact Dead River and Cota & Cota for a quote on propane.

Upcoming Events

April 9th – Talent Show

April 16th – Gumbo Fest (Soup, Bread and desert)

April 22nd – Passover Seder

April 28th – Senior Meal

Breeze suggested the WHC look at ways to schedule a monthly reoccurring event with food and possibly music for the community.


A motion was passed to approve the WHC meeting minutes from October 2015.

Myra to contact Carol Hatcher on what is the process to get a new proposal into the 2016 budget.

Judy to contact Karen King and work with her to transition the Hall website responsibilities.

The Hall closes on Nov 1, 2015 and opens again on April 1, 2016

Any other events that are not scheduled by the WHC e.g. weddings are not currently updated in the Williamsville Hall online event calendar.

The summit at Mount Snow is getting in new banquet chairs and could donate the old chairs to the Hall. WHC would like to see a picture of the chairs and possibly try them out before agreeing to take them.

Meeting adjourned: 8:11 pm
The next meeting of the WHC will be on March 1, 2016 at the home of Myra Fassler, unless we decide to meet before.