Williamsville Hall Committee Meeting Minutes – November 4, 2014

Draft Minutes

Williamsville Hall Committee

Nov. 4, 2014

Members Attending: Phyllis Mandell, Steve Levine, Jon Julian, Nancy Rysz, Myra Fassler, Judy and Brian Harrington, Marcia Hylan.

Public: Joe Mandell

Soup/Gumbo Fest: The event brought in $591 before expenses.Well attended event and we ran out of soup. There were about 40 servings of soups and 75 of Gumbo.  Next year try for 100 servings of soup and 100 servings of Gumbo.

Treasurer’s report: Steve L. had received Maureen’s report but has not gone through it yet.

Electrical Work: The work is done, and it needs to be looked over before Cleveland Electric is paid.  The electricians missed 3 deadlines and thus scheduled events had to scramble over not having electricity. There was also concern over sloppy workmanship and leaving a mess. Myra F. and Brian H. will go over the electric work and present their findings to the selectboard.

Fans: Cleveland Electric gave them to the Hall. Questions arose on how and where to change the speed of the fan.

Steve L. will send Shannon Meckle a note to request that the Hall Committee be able to check over the electrical work and then give the selectboard a report before Cleveland Electric is paid.

April Opening.

It was noted that 3 events occur regularly in April: the Seder, The Talent Show, and Senior meal. Hall Members will attend the Selectboard Meeting in which the letter sent to the selectboard regarding the advocation of opening in April rather than May is to be discussed.  Most likely that meeting will be Nov 20th.  A Soup Fest in April as a fund raiser.

Energy Upgrades: There is $3520 remaining in the Capitol Expense Fund. The remaining weatherizing projects are to insulate the ceiling, basement floor and tightening up of windows. The committee agreed that the next step should be to get bids for insulating the ceiling. Some possible bidders would be Steve Shabot, or Farnum,. Brian H. will check with the Heat Squad contactors.

Next Years’ Movies: The Vt. Movie series was considered a success. Louise S. is researching Vt. Historical Movies for next year. However, the projector is broken. Brian H. might know of a possible replacement. Myra F. will check out another possibility.

Other Business: The members agreed to have Dave Roberts make sound baffles to improve the sound for musical events at the Hall. The cost will could run $350-400.  The number of baffles needed will range from 10 to 16.

Could we be open all year once the weatherization projects are done? Judy H. will send a notice out on the Front Porch Forum to ask what events residents would like to have at the Hall in the winter..

Meeting adjourned: 8:30