Williamsville Hall Committee Meeting Minutes – October 6, 2015

Williamsville Hall Committee Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, October 6, 2015 7:00pm
Attendees: Myra Fassler, Steve Levine, Brian Harrigan, Judy Harrigan, Jon Julian
Members of the Public: Breeze Verdant


  • Steve reported that the Williamsville Hall Donation fund is currently at $6,183.17

Energy Improvements

  • The work to insulate the main floor ceiling at the Hall could not start on September 14 due to contractor having an illness in the family.  Brian to contact Four Seasons Insulation by October 14 to confirm when the work could start.
  • Myra to get more information on the durability and estimate on the life of the window quilts compared to the cellular shades.
  • Any work on the furnace will be revisited again after the main floor ceiling insulation and the work on the windows are completed.

Rock River Players “Our Town”

  • Annie has scheduled a meeting to discuss future performances at the Hall.
  • Steve reported that there were some issues that came up after the last wedding event at the Hall.   Brian and Steve to develop a process for any checks and balances required at the Hall before an event and after each event.  The checks would include turning the thermostat on/off, making sure all doors are closed, lights are turned off, lighting the stove pilot light.  Brian will do checks on Thursdays and Steve on Mondays whenever there is an event.


  • Judy reported that she could not take on creating a new website for the Williamsville Hall.  Myra to contact Louise and/or Karen King to see if they can help with creating a new website for the Hall.
  • The Hall closes on Nov 1, 2015 and opens again on April 1, 2016

Meeting adjourned: 7:51pm

Next Williamsville Hall Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 7pm.