Williamsville Hall Committee Meeting Minutes – October 7, 2014

     Draft Minutes

Williamsville Hall Committee

October 7, 2014

Attending: Steve Levine, Myra Fassler, Nancy Rysz, Marcia Hylan

Members of the Public:  Brian and Judy Hannigan

Financial Report: Still awaiting a Report from Treasurer Maureen to explain discrepancies.

Soup Fest: Oct. 18th 6pm. Steve L. will contact Jon J. re: supplies paper bowls, small plates cups and butter. Myra F. will get coffee if the Hall’s supply is low. Brian will get 4 gallons of cider. 2 will be cold 2 will be hot. Myra will provide a crock pot for the hot cider.

Volunteers: Myra F. will set up. Marcia H. , Steve L.  Louise S. Brian and Judy.

Desserts: Basically all-set, Marcia H. will call Ayars H. to ask her to provide one more dessert.

Electrical Work: The work is behind schedule  It was suppose to be done by Sept. 25th.  The concern is that the work will not be completed by this Fri. Oct. 10th when the Hall is booked for a wedding.

Fund Raising Report: Steve L. will write a proposal for funds from the town to be warned at Town Meeting.

New Business:

Hall Closing:  Steve L. called the town offices about when the town would be closing and reopening the Williamsville Hall. Shannon  M. reported back that the dates were as follows Nov. 1st, closing and May 1st  opening. Originally the Town of Newfane agreed to the Williamsville hall being opened for 7 months. This new timeline is 6 months. Steve L. will write to the selectboard asking to open in April as originally promised.

Sound Baffles: Marcia H. explored the prospects of getting sound baffles to improve the sound of musical performances in the Hall. Resident Dave Roberts ( who made the baffles for the S. Newfane Schoolhouse) offered to make them for a cost of $30 a panel for the supplies.  We would need at least 6. Dave R. would not charge for his time.

Meeting adjourned: 8:08pm.

Next meeting Nov. 4, 2014.