Williamsville Hall Committee Meeting Minutes – September 2, 2014

Draft Minutes

                                                Williamsville Hall Committee

                                                            Sept. 2, 2014

Attending: Steve Levine, Louis Sirios, Myra Fassler, Marcia Hylan, Jon Julian

Financial Report: Totals from Maureen =$ 3,313.00.  This figure is $124.34 less than our figure.

Electrical Update: Steve L talked with Doug Cleveland. Doug said they hoped to start by the end of the week.

Harvest Dinner: Oct. 18, 2014. There will be soups. Jon will make a gumbo. Myra F. will make a squash and vegetable soup. Marcia will make cornbread and a pumpkin pie. Louise will make an apple pie. Nancy R. will make a pumpkin dessert and call a few folks to make more desserts.

Beverages: apple cider, water and coffee. Steve L. will take care of paper goods.

Steve L. will check with Bruce Rosow re: music.

Project Update: Steve L. and Myra F, met with Lynn Bedell and Ann Cousins re: grants. Grants will only provide about 20% of project cost. Ann Cousins suggested  making a brochure that will present the scope of the project. Louise will start gathering information for a brochure. Also suggested was a town wide meeting to help gain interest.

Myra F.  reiterated the need for a fundraising thermometer to improve the visibility of the project.

Windows: Steve L. will contact a window professional from Brattleboro to get a quote. The committee decided to go ahead with the window project using the Hall Committee account money and going as far as that money will take us.

Other business:  Marcia will investigate sound baffles to improve the sound for music events at the Hall.

Steve L. will invite new residents to join the committee.

Next Meeting: Oct 7, 2014.