April 4th, 2022, Selectboard Minutes

Zoom Meeting   https//zoom.us/join         Meeting ID:  972 2791 1757   Passcode:  352680

BOARD MEMBERS:  Angela Sanborn (Zoom), Ann Golob, Jeffrey Chevalier, Katy Johnson-Aplin, and Mike Fitzpatrick (phone).

OTHERS PRESENT (In-Person) Chris Campany, Julia Tadlock, Henriette Mantel, Katy Gehring, Sue Berg, Dan Dewalt, Austin Rice – B.C.T.V, and Wannetta Powling.

(Zoom) Maxwell Verdervliet, Linda Campany, Tony Leonard, Lynn Forrest, Melissa Brown, Meg Gonzalez, Juliette Carr, and Jane Douglas.


The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Selectboard Chair Angela Sanborn.


Ann Golob asked for an addition to discuss the Williamsville Hall Rental agreement.

Angela Sanborn turned the first part over to Ann Golob to make an introduction for tonight’s guest speakers.


Chris Campany, Executive Director of the Windham Regional Commission (WRC), provided a PowerPoint presentation on how a Vermont Municipal Planning Grant can be used to clarify what is wanted by Newfane residents (more affordable housing options, increased transportation, pedestrian paths, recreation facilities, for example) and what is needed to be done to achieve it. For example, can more housing be built if there is no attention to wastewater issues? Given Newfane’s history of flooding, Campany made the point that it is important to plan to eliminate as much as is possible for a reoccurrence. He recommended walking the riverbank areas with a river engineer who can guide you on where they see problems and the types of remediation that would be needed.


Municipal Planning Grants are available through the state; one application can be submitted annually for funds totaling $22,000-$35,000; all applicants are required to provide a minimum 10% match. If the town is willing to use its ARPA funds for this type of planning analysis, more issues can be taken on as well.

 (PowerPoint information is available; see the Admin. Assistant)

Maxwell Vandervliet, Associate Principal of Main Street Group, and a Newfane resident provided a PowerPoint presentation on planning work he recently completed for the town of Waterbury, Vermont. The report is a model for the type of analysis that could be done for Newfane. In Waterbury, the community was interested in ensuring that the “small town/village feel endures” that it will also function as the vibrant centerpiece of the community’s needs and life. He made the point that the analysis focuses on meeting the needs of community members and that in so doing, they were creating a more vibrant downtown that would attract tourists and visitors.

Some of the recommendations that were made to expand housing options for Waterbury included:

  • Work with homeowners who have one and two-bedroom apartments listed on AirBNB to consider the option of longer-term rentals rather than short-term ones. These smaller-sized apartments are exactly the size homes that the majority of Waterbury residents are seeking and cannot find currently in their community.
  • Convert larger houses into two and three smaller apartments.
  • Work with landlords and developers to maximize underutilized structures. One option is to consider creating an accessory dwelling unit (A.D.U.) which is a legal and regulatory term for a secondary house or apartment that shares the building lot of a larger primary home. The unit cannot be bought or sold separately, but they are often used to provide additional income for the homeowner or to provide housing for family members (often referred to as a “mother-in-law” unit).

(PowerPoint information is available; see the Admin. Assistant)


  • March 21, 2022, Regular Meeting

Ann Golob made a motion to approve the March 21 regular meeting minutes. Katy Johnson- Aplin seconded the motion.  – Motion passed 5/0.

  • March 21 Board of Liquor Control Meeting

Katy Johnson- Aplin made a motion to approve the March 21 Board of Liquor Control. Jeffrey Chevalier seconded the motion.  – Motion passed 4/0/1. Mike Fitzpatrick abstained.

  •  March 25, 2022, Emergency Meeting

Katy Johnson- Aplin made a motion to approve the March 25, 2022, Emergency Meeting. Jeffrey Chevalier seconded the motion.  – Motion passed 4/0/1. Mike Fitzpatrick abstained.

ROAD FOREMAN’S REPORT: (Jay Wilson was ill and could not attend the meeting in person; Angela Sanborn read his report.)

  1. The Arch Bridge was down two weeks ahead of the bat deadline, so things are looking good.
  2. I have a meeting Friday with Bill Jewell to look at the gravel pit and to begin the Act 250 process.
  3. I have a meeting in the morning to discuss the bidding for the Sand/ Salt shed with the V.T.R.A.N.S. municipal assistance manager and Margo from WRC.
  4. Don’t forget the condemnation process for 254 Depot Rd. is still on schedule for the April 15th site visit.
  5. We (road crew) are working on roads as they dry out; we still have quite a few the frost is still coming out of. The frost has been coming out slowly, so we haven’t had more problems with mud lately.

Mike Fitzpatrick made a motion to accept the Road Forman’s Report. Ann Golob seconded. Motion passed 5/0


  1. Thursday morning, I completed the second V.L.C.T. (Vermont League of Cities & Towns) training for new and returning Selectboard members. The third (& last) training is on May 11. It will cover some Legal & Effective Meetings procedures.
  2. I have been working with Wendy Wilson at W.C.S.D. (Windham County Sheriff Department) she was able to provide the ticket report from July 2021 to March 2022, which I have included in your packet this evening.
  3. S.W.M.D. (Windham Solid Waste Management District) is applying for federal funding to expand its food waste composting program. They have reached their permitted capacity. Newfane could help benefit the application process by submitting a letter of support for this expansion. The application process needs to be submitted before April 21. Would this be something that the Selectboard can consider supporting?
  4. Mary Sargent is part of the Morris dancers; she called today asking for permission to dance on Sunday, May 29, 2022 (Memorial Day weekend).  On the Newfane Common. I have included her email for your consideration.
  5. Patrick Kitchen from Bee the Change Town Pollinator Project checked in today to ensure that the Town was still interested in allowing them to plan on an acre of land owned by the Town.

Ann Golob made a motion to approve the Administrative Assistant’s Report. Mike Fitzpatrick seconded. Motion passed 5/0.


(#4) Mike Fitzpatrick made a motion to approve the request for closing the street for the Morris Dancers. Ann Golob seconded. Motion passed 5/0.

 (#3) Ann Golob made a motion to send a letter of support for the W.S.W.M.D. (Windham Solid Waste Management District) Jeffery Chevalier seconded. Motion passed 5/0/0.

The Administrative Assistant will find out if there is a form letter to submit and she will contact Doris Knechtel, Newfane’s representative to the WSWMD to see if she would send the letter for Newfane.

 (#5) Mike Fitzpatrick made a motion to approve the request for allowing planting on Dover Road. Katy Johnson Aplin seconded. Motion passed 5/0.

Dan Dewalt – I think this would be wonderful and suggest doing as many sites as feasible.

Melissa Brown – This may be a concern for people that are highly allergic to bee stings; walking and riding bikes in the area of Dover Rd. could become a problem for them; she asked if they knew how much this would increase the bees in the area.

(#2)  Katy Johnson Aplin and Jeffery Chevalier will review the billing for Windam County Sheriff’s Department and report back to the Selectboard.


A.R.P.A Standard Allowance Compliance and Reporting


Ann Golob made a motion to take the one-time reporting allowance allowed for A.R.P.A. Jeffery Chevalier seconded. Motion passed 5/0.







            Julia Tadlock – Newfane Mkt.

Julia was present at the meeting and provided additional information with a breakdown of budget expenses and to respond to any questions from her requesting A.R.P.A.  funding to re-establish the (New) Newfane Flea Market at the March 21 meeting. There was a period of questions and answers.

Mike Fitzpatrick made a motion to use some of the A.R.P.A. funds to help the Newfane Flea Market. There was no second. Motion failed.

Discussion ensued.

Board members voiced their support for the Newfane Market venture.

It was unclear what ARPA would require in terms of reporting and documentation if the town made a grant to a separate entity. Treasurer Melissa Brown will do additional research. This item is tabled until the April 18 meeting.

Williamsville Hall Rental agreement

The Hall Committee submitted changes a few weeks ago to the rental agreement, including an hourly rate for holding small meetings or private classes.

Ann Golob made a motion to accept these rate changes; it would allow more people to use the hall. Katy Johnson-Aplin seconded. Motion passed 5/0.

Ann Golob will follow up with Steve Levine regarding the Boards discussion. The Hall committee will provide a revised contract to the Administrative Assistant.

 Re-Adopt Newfane Ordinances & Policies

Discussion: No changes to the Newfane Ordinances & Policies.

Ann Golob made a motion to re-adopt the current policies as they are. Mike Fitzpatrick seconded. 

Motion passed 5/0.




Erica Walch – Additional information added to what Dan DeWalt said about exploring composting toilets when thinking of wastewater disposal for natural composting.

West River Valley Mutual Aid – adding Newfane to the list of Towns supporting the Vermont “Declaration of Inclusion.”

Ann Golob made a motion to support sending the letter to join the list of other Towns. Angela Sanborn seconded.

Motion passed 5/0. The Administrative Assistant will send the letter.

(Following this discussion, Angela Sanborn and Mike Fitzpatrick withdrew and left the meeting at 8:28 pm.)



  1. Payroll Warrant No #11561                          Amount $    5,064.36
  2. Payroll Warrant No #11562                          Amount $     5,220.83
  3. Account Payable No # 22021                       Amount $    37,962.75

 Katy Johnson-Aplin made a motion to approve Pay Orders. Jeffrey Chevalier seconded.   

Motion passed 3/0


   Katy Johnson-Aplin made a motion to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 8:52 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Wannetta Powling, Administrative Assistant