Board of Abatement Hearing Minutes: June 27, 2018

Present: Carol Hesselbach, Marion Dowling, Richard Marek, Priscilla Cotton, Apple Gifford, Doris Knechtel, Frank Suponski, Dennis Wiswall, Melissa Brown, Homeowner Scott Martin, his representatives Debra Timmon and Bruce Whitney, both of Windham & Windsor Housing Trust

There were nine members of the 17 member board present which represents a quorum.

Priscilla Cotton, Chair, brought the meeting to order at 7:09 p.m. She administered the oath to Scott Martin and his representatives.

Bruce Whitney made a presentation about requesting the request for abatement of the 2017 taxes because of manifest error on the part of the state and the Listers. Due to an error that occurred during the reappraisal and due to the fact that his state rebate request was apparently lost by the State of Vermont, his taxes were assessed based on the full value of the property and without a rebate. They are requesting an abatement of the difference between the taxes that were imposed on the full value and what should have been imposed on the reduced value because of the housing subsidy covenant. Although he was able to pay the taxes by using all of his savings, he now has no savings for any emergencies. The bank needs to change the amount he pays per month to avoid foreclosure but needs the abatement to prove to them the amount of taxes.

Dick moved that we abate the taxes in the amount of $1,320.10. Seconded. Any discussion?

Doris explained that the error on the Town’s part happened during the reappraisal and she has fixed it going forward. She had figured out how much the abatement should be and gave us a chart. Marion thanked the housing Trust and the Listers for working so hard to make sure Scott has his home.

Ready to vote? All in favor: Unanimous approval.

Dick moved to adjourn, and Apple Gifford seconded the motion. The hearing adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by,

Carol Hesselbach
Town Clerk/Board of Abatement recorder